Puma 2014 World Cup 14-15 (2014-15) Teamwear Kits Released

As the new 2014 World Cup Kits will be unveiled in late 2013 and early 2014, the new 2014 Teamwear Templates will be unveiled way earlier than in other years. We have showed you the new Italy 2014 World Cup Home Kit, which is produced by Puma and based on the Puma ACTV Shortsleeved Shirt. The new Puma 14-15 Templates were shown as part of the Plymouth 14-15 kit vote.

Puma 2014-15 ACTV Teamwear Kit (Puma Statement Template / Puma evoPOWER template)

The new Puma 2014-15 ACTV Template (Puma evoPOWER) is the new Premium Puma teamwear template, which will likely be used similar as the current Puma King template for several teams including Borussia Dortmund, Newcastle United and Girondins Bordeaux.

The new Puma 2014 World Cup Template features a similar tailored collar as the ManU 13-14 Kit. The new Puma ACTV Kit also includes a colored sleeve cuff design and is available in various different colors. The lower price version, without the ACTV technology is called Statement.

This template features the Puma ACTV technology that was launched in March 2013. The Puma ACTV technology, which was firstly used for running shirts, feature a PUMA tape built directly into the garments similar to tapes to enable a faster and more effective energy supply to the muscles. The below picture shows the Puma ACTV technology on the inner side of the Italy 2014 World Cup Kit.

The new Puma ACTV Teamwear Kit comes with the really high recommended retail price of 120 US$.

Puma 2014-15 Speed Shortsleeved Shirt

The new Puma Speed Game Jersey comes in various different color combinations and features a unique design with a simple round collar.

With colored sleeves the Puma 2014-15 Team Jersey Kit won't be used for many official club kits, who will likely get a kit based on the Puma ACTV Template.

Puma 2014-15 Power Teamwear Kit

This is the new Puma Power Teamwear Kit.

The new Puma Power Game Shirt features a rather simple design with a special pattern on the front of the shirt. The new Puma 2014-15 Power Shirt comes with little white collar details and is available in five different colorways.

Puma 2014-15 Goalkeeper Kit

The new Puma 2014-15 Statement Goalkeeper Kit.

The new Puma 2014 Goalkeeper Kit features a impressive front graphic design, which features a space for the front number of national team kits. The new Puma Statement Goalkeeper Kit will be worn by Italy at the 2014 World Cup. Italy will use the yellow, the orange and a dark red version of the Goalkeeper Kit.