Adidas Palmeiras 2014 Third Kit Released - A better kit for Brazil?

Adidas and Palmeiras released on October 26 a special Centenary Kit which is obviously inspired by the kit of the Brazil National team. The new Palmeiras 2013-14 Third Kit was worn in the match against Sao Caetano when they could finally reach again the first division after they were relegated to Serie B last year.

According to some Brazil sources Nike will also unveil a similar shirt for Corinthians in early 2014. What was the reason for Adidas to release this Brazil kit for Palmeiras?

Palmeiras 2014 "Brazil" Centenary Third Kit

Officially the new Palmeiras 2014 Centenary Kit is inspired by the Italian genesis of Palmeiras, who were founded in 1914 as Palestra Itália.

Even Palmeiras has been always green / white since the beginning, according to the club statement it would have the blue color of Italy in its heart, while yellow is inspired by the yellow color of the country that welcomed the Italians. The green color could be formed by combining yellow and blue, the junction of Italy and Brazil.

Alongside the offical club statement many Brazlians believe that the real reason of this special kit is something different. As the World Cup take place in Brazil next year, Adidas wanted to show what they could have created for the Brazil National Team. The new Palmeiras Kit is inspired by the kit worn by Brazil in the 1966 World Cup and features a similar wing collar.

The new Kit comes with blue shorts and white socks - the same combination used by Brazil and which will Brazil use at the 2014 World Cup. This kit is part of the battle between Nike and Adidas, who showed us how a classical kit created by them would look like.

Would you like to see Brazil playing in a similar shirt created by Adidas instead of Nike kits?