Adidas Denmark 2014 Away Kit Released

Denmark 2014 Away Shirt released! We showed exclusive images of the Denmark 2014 Away Kit made by Adidas two days agon and today the new kit was released. The new Denmark 2014 Home Shirt was unveiled in November and is again made by Adidas. The new Denmark Home Kit features a unique design showing the Danish flag created with darker parts of horizontal stripes.

Denmark has failed to qualify for the 2014 World Cup Play-offs really unlucky as they were the worst runner up of all 2014 World Cup Europe World Cup Groups. The new Denmark 2013-2015 Kit marks a new era on their way to the 2016 Euro in France.

Denmark 2014 Away Kit

This is the new Denmark 2014 Away Shirt.

The new Denmark 2014-2015 Away Jersey pays tribute to the rich history as maritime people and is mainly white. The shirt comes with a bicolored crest and features light blue details on the round collar and the sleeve cuffs. On the back of the shirt features a light blue horizontal line, which is part of all Adidas 2014 Kits.

The striking element of the Denmark 2014 Away Kit is the dark blue line design on the front, which get thiner to the top of the shirt creating an unique fashionable design. The shorts of the Denmark 2014 Away Shirt are navy with light blue details and white Adidas stripes.

Denmark 2014 Home Kit

This is the new 2013-15 Danish National team home jersey, made by Adidas.

Adidas creates special design elements for all of their National teams, including a red V for Germany, some wavy lines within the sky blue vertical Argentina stripes as well as a special Kosmonauts museum graphic on the Russia 2014 World Cup Home Jersey.

Denmark 2014 World Cup Kit is based on the Condivo 14 template and features the traditional colors of the country, red and white. On the front of the kit feature small darker horizontal lines, which are forming in the whole the Danish flag design. A really decent design element which we would have loved to see in Brazil.

On the back the new Denmark Kits comes with the white line, the same which will feature on all Adidas 2014 World Cup Kits. The collar feature the light and the dark red color.

While the new Denmark 2014 Home Jersey is mostly red, the shorts of the kit are white. Unlike other Adidas national teams, who are playing with same colored short now (Germany, Spain, Argentina), the new Denmark 2014 Jersey comes with a white short, which features the same template as other Adidas 2014 kits.

The socks also feature the darker horizontal lines and also includes the lettering DBU on the front. The socks of the new Denmark 2014 Home Shirt complete the shirts beauty.

The new Denmark 2014 Home Jersey will be available for around 80 Euro (105$) to preorder from today.