Brazil 2014 World Cup Home and Away Kits Released

Nike today unveiled the new Brazil 2014 Away Kit, which will be first worn in the 2nd half of the friendly match against South Africa. Brazil played the first half in the home shirts. The Brazil Away Kit will be available to pre-order from March 19.

The Brazil 2014 World Cup Home Kit was unveiled last November at 'Nike Festival dos Esportes' in Rio de Janeiro.

Brazil 2014 World Cup Away Kit

This is the new Brazil 2014 World Cup Nike Away Kit.

The Brazil 2014 Away Shirt is blue and has a blue v-collar. The new Brazil Away Kit features gradient hoops in a lighter blue tone inspired by the energy and movement of Brazil people, as well as ocean and Brazil's surf culture.

The inside of the collar features a graphic showing the Southern Cross, which is on the nation's flag. These stars shined over Rio de Janeiro when the Brasilian republic was proclaimed in 1889.

The shorts of the Brazil 2014 Away Kit are white, while the socks are blue.

Brazil 2014 World Cup Home Kit

This is the new Brazil 2014 Home Shirt made by Nike.

While Adidas create some 1990s style kits with front graphics, the new Brazil 2014 World Cup Home Jersey is rather classical. It comes with the traditional colors of Brazil, with the main color yellow and green applications. Inside the collar the new Brazil Home Kit comes with an 'Canarinho', the nickname of the Brazil National Team when playing in their yellow shirts, graphic inside the collar.

The Brazilian crest on the new Brazil 2014 Home Kit was redesigned, with a small golden outline added and the 'Brasil' text below it being removed compared to earlier Brazil kits.

The numbers were also updated after Brazil had been using the same type since 2008. The new Brazil 2014 Kit numbers feature a design inspired by classic fonts used for street posters in Brazil. They also feature a fluorescent outline to improve visibility.

The shorts of the Brazil World Cup Home Kit will be blue, while the socks will be white. Unlike other national teams Brazil keeps the traditional color combination of the home kit as first choice, but will switch to white shorts at some 2014 World Cup matches. The blue home short will be also used at some matches as away short.

The new Brazil 2014 Goalkeeper Kits are available in two different colors, green and grey. Both Goalkeeper Kits are based on the Nike 14-15 Goleiro Shirt.