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Black / White Nike Hypervenom March 2014 Boot Colorway Released

The new Nike Hypervenom Black / White Boot Colorway was released today. The Nike 2014 Summer Pack includes also a yellow Nike Hypervenom Boot. Nike unveiled various colorways for their Agility silo yet which hit the peak this December, when three new Nike Hypervenom Boot Colorways were released.

Nike Hypervenom Black / Neo Lime / White / Metallic Silver

The new Nike Hypervenom Black / White Boot Colorway.

The new black / white Nike Hypervenom Boot is different compared to the other colorways. The boot, which comes with a silver tongue, comes with the classical colors black and white and features some striking green applications. The inner sole and the outsole of the white / black Nike Hypervenom boot are black, while the NikeSkin upper is divided in a black and white part.

The Nike Hypervenom Boot was launched in June 2013 and is desgined for the deadly strikers, so it's no wonder that players like Neymar and Rooney all wear the Nike Hypervenom boot. Designed to match the new requirements of a striker, who have to be much quicker to move past the defender, the Nike Hypervenom Boot offers maximum agility.