Brazil 2014 Third Kit Unveiled

Brazil 2014 Third Kit released - Nike today unveil a dark navy Third Kit additionally to the yellow home and the blue away shirt, which we leaked one month ago.

Similar to the black Brazil Third Kits from the last few years, the Brazil 2014 Third Kit will not be worn in any official matches. According to Nike, it's the first time that Brazil has a complete third kit designed by Nike, while the striking short is inspired by the surfing lifestyle.

Brazil 2014 Third Kit

This is the new Brazil 2014 Third Jersey by Nike.

"The kit pays tribute to the dynamic and diverse country, from its natural landscape to its vibrant culture." The new Brazil 14-15 Third Shirt is mainly dark green (almost black) and has a simple round-neck collar of the same color. The Nike Swoosh is yellow while a monochromatic yellow CBF badge is used for the new Brazil 2014-15 Third Kit.

The Brazil 2014 Third Kit has dark green reglan sleeves while the inside of the collar comes a yellow lining and features a graphic of a yellow heart illustration on a black triangle.

A special elemt of the new Brazil 2014 Third Kit is the short, inspired by surfing. The short features a longer cut than a normal football short and the design and the cut are inspired by surf shorts.