Senegal 2014 Home and Away Kits Released

The new Senegal 2014 Kits are made by Puma and were released this week. Senegal failed to qualify for the 2014 World Cup in the play-off against Ivory Coast. Similar to other Puma 2014 World Cup Kits, the new Senegal Jersey comes with a special pattern on the collar, while the shirt is mainly white. The new Senegal 2014 Away Shirt is mainly green with a unique graphic pattern on the sleeves.

Senegal 2014 Home Kit

This is the new Senegal 2014 Home Shirt.

Senegal Kit comes with a similar template as the Ghana 2014 World Cup Home Kit. On the collar the new Senegal 2014-2015 Kit comes with a special African inspired pattern on the colalr and the side of the shirt.

The rather simple shirt features some yellow design elements, while the Puma logo on the front and the sleeves is red. Inside the collar the kit features a Nature of Believing graphic. Thanks to Soccer Scene for the images.

Senegal 2014 Away Kit

This is the new Senegal 2014 Away Shirt.

The new Senegal 2014 Away Jersey is mainly green and comes with a unique yellow / red / green graphic pattern on the sleeves. The Puma logo on the sleeves and the front of the shirt are yellow.

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