Mario Balotelli Announces Puma Switch

Mario Balotelli today announced his switch to Puma by tweeting a picture of a Puma evoPOWER boot wiht the writing 'Why Always Puma' referring to Balotelli's Why Always Me slogan. Balotelli also wore this version of the Puma evoPOWER, called Puma evoPOWER Stampa, in the derby against Inter.

Mario Balotelli had worn really unique Headlines boots in the 2-2 draw against AS Roma. The unique Balotelli boots were covered with newspaper headlines of the Italian striker, who is known for his unique style. In the past months Balotelli played with blackout boots after he was under contract with Nike.

The new special newspaper headlines Balotelli boots is in fact the new Puma evoPOWER boot, which will be unveiled very soon. The new Puma evoPOWER Boot was leaked exclusive by Footy Headlines in August 2013.

Mario Balotelli special newspaper headlines Puma evoPOWER Boot

This are the boots the Italian striker wore against AS Roma.

The special Balotelli newspaper boots feature a really unique style and are mainly white / black. On the upper appear newspaper headlines referring to his stunning performance against Germany at the Euro 2012.

On the heel of the Mario Balotelli special AS Roma boot features the lettering Super Mario Style. Some pictures taken from newspapers also appear on the boot upper. The black element on the heel shows that the boot is the new evoPOWER boot (called soft heel insert).