SSC Napoli Extrem Camouflage 2014 Kit Unveiled

Napoli today released the Camouflage 2.0 2014 Kit during the press conference presenting the new player Jorginho. SSC Napoli launched a camouflage kit ahead of this season, while the new 2014 Third Kit features a really special design based on the normal camo shirt.

Napoli 2014 Camo Third Kit

This is the Camouflage 2.0 SSC Napoli 2014 Kit.

The new Napoli 2014 Third Kit comes with the same template as the current Napoli kit, but is much more colorful. The colors yellow and blue were added to the original design making it much more colorful than the normal kit. The original camouflage kit was one of the most controversial kits of this season.

The reasons for changing the original Camouflage Kit are not known yet, but according to the marketing director Formisano there were no legal problems with the previous kit.

The new SSC Napoli 2014 Third Camouflage Jersey will be used for the first time against Chievo this Sunday.