Zambia 2014 Home and Away Kits Released

Today we can show you the new Zambia 2014 Away Shirt, which was unveiled this week.. Zambia had won the 2012 Africa Cup of Nations and are one of the few African nations sponsored by Nike (South Africa signed a Nike five-year deal one month ago). Zambia failed to qualify for the 2014 World Cup. Todays release confirms our previous leak.

Zambia 2014 Home Kit

This is the new Zambia 2014 Home Shirt.

The new Zambia 2014 Home Shirt comes with an unique graphic all-over print inspired by Zambian Coat of Arms, which shows a similar pattern of the famous "Victoria Falls" waterfall, which is one of the main symbols of Zambia. The color of the Zambia kit is officially called pine green.

The collar of the Zambia 2014 Home Jersey is a simple black round collar, while the Nike Swoosh is white. Both new Zambia Kits feature the same template.

Zambia 2014 Away Kit

This draw is showing the Zambia 2014 Away Shirt.

The Zambia 2014 Away Shirt comes with the same shirt design as the home kit. The main color of the Jersey is orange, while the collar of the kit is green and the Nike Swoosh is white.

Both new Zambia 2014 Kits feature an unique graphic all-over print. Other Nike team kits, which feature a similar concept, were released in the past weeks. Turkey 2014 Home Kit and Slovenia 2014 Kits

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