Adidas Nitrocharge Kevlar Edition Cancelled!

According to reliable sources, Adidas cancelled the special Nitrocharge Kevlar Boot edition at the last minute. One of the most awaited boot releases was shelved shortly before the official release as Adidas discovered problems with the special Nitrocharge edition.

In fact, we showed the first images of the Adidas Nitrocharge special Kevlar edition in November, which were showing a gold Adidas Nitrocharge Boot with the complete upper material made from Kevlar. There are some details that the Adidas Nitrocharge Kevlar Boot was cancelled because of the Kevlar upper.

Adidas Nitrocharge Kevlar Boot Won't be released

Even there are no official release about the rejection of the Kevlar Boot, it is rumored that Adidas detected a flaw with the boot, which lead to the refusal of the boot. As the boot appeared in the current catalog, they were asked about the official release via twitter and answered the following:

"Unfortunately, after extensive testing, Adidas decided to shelve the Kevlar Nitrocharge. Sorry!"

The upper material, which is five times stronger than steel, is expected to be the problem of the boot as the other elements are the same which were used for the normal boot. It is not known if Adidas will release a Kevlar edition of the Nitrocharge Boot or if the idea of a Kevlar Adidas Boot is shelved forever.