New Cruzeiro 2014 Kits Released

Cruzeiro today released the new Cruzeiro 2014 Home Kit, made by Brazilian sportswear maker Olympikus. Cruzeiro in 2013 won the Campeonato Brasileiro title for the third time after 1996 and 2003. This is honored with three stars placed inside the collar with the championship winning years inside them. There also is a 2013 Brasileirão winners badge on the front of the new Cruzeiro Shirt.

These Could be the last Cruzeiro shirts made by Olympikus, with the contract expiring after this season, three years after Olympikus took over from Reebok in 2012.

The new Cruzeiro 2014 Kits were unveiled at an event in the Mineirão stadium and is already available to purchase in the club store and online.

"This is one of the nicest shirts we've done. Has the new championship winners badge on the chest, and the words to our third championship title in Brazil, the loose stars, which in my opinion makes the most beautiful shirt and a wonderful shade of blue", said Cruzeiro president Gilvan de Pinho Tavares.

Cruzeiro 2014 Home Kit

This is the new Cruzeiro 2014 Olympikus Home Shirt.

The new Cruzeiro 2014 Home Kit is rather simple and comes in blue with a blue v-collar. The shirt features the Southern Cross star constelation from inside the Cruzeiro crest on the left chest, with the Olympikus logo positioned on the opposite side.

The Banco BMG sponsor logo lets the new Cruzeiro 2014 Home Shirt down quite a bit, destroying the blue and white combination with its garish orange color. The logo of another sponsor, Guara Mix, is positioned on both sides on the collarbone area. The 2013 Campeonato Brasileiro winners badge is placed in the center of the Cruzeiro 2014 Home Jersey front.

The new Cruzeiro 2014 Home Kit comes with white shorts and blue socks.

Cruzeiro 2014 Away Kit

This is the new Cruzeiro 2014 Olympikus Away Shirt.

The new Cruzeiro 2014 Away Jersey is based on the same base template as the Home Kit and is classically white.

The shorts and socks of the new Cruzeiro 2014 Away Kit are both blue.

Cruzeiro 2014 Goalkeeper Kits

This picture shows the new Cruzeiro 2014 Goalkeeper Home, Away and Third Kits. Cruzeiro 2014 Goalkeeper Jerseys come in purple, green and orange.