Adidas 2014 World Cup Battle Pack Released

Get Ready For The Battle - Adidas today unveiled their new 2014 World Cup Boots, which feature a consistent, eye-catching and unique design. While Nike were the first to release the new Nike 2014 World Cup Boots collection, Adidas follow Nike to unveil the most important football boots collection in 2014.

Whereas Nike impressed us changing the traditional football footwear design, Adidas concentrates to maximize the on pitch visibility with conspicuous boot designs. The Adidas 2014 World Cup Boot collection includes four silos, while Lionel Messi receives his own signature Adidas Adizero Boot, inspired by his home country Argentina.

Adidas 2014 Battle Pack World Cup Boot Line-Up

These are the new Adidas 2014 World Cup Boots.

The Adidas Battle Pack World Cup Boots feature a related design, while only Lionel Messi step out of line. The new Lionel Messi 2014 World Cup Boot features a blue design on the upper, while his Adizero 2014 World Cup Boot comes with a signature pattern design. The number 10 is placed within the insole, whereas each other Adidas 2014 World Cup Boot comes with the number 14.

The black and white colourway is a visual representation of the adidas "all in or nothing" 2014 FIFA World Cup Brazil campaign, with each boot exactly 50% white and 50% black. The fiery gold colours of the iconic three stripes of adidas, representing the ultimate reward of the FIFA World Cup trophy. The black and white patterns of the boots have been inspired by the warpaint of native warriors and the iconic pavement patterns of ancient Mesopotamia perfected on the Copacabana beach.

Let us look at the other Adidas 2014 World Cup Boots, which feature a streamlined boot design. Together with the 2014 World Cup Collection, Adidas unveiled the first next-generation Adidas Predator Boot. The 2014 Adidas Predator Boot is called Instinct and can be assigned to the control range.

Adidas 2014 Battle Pack World Cup Predator Instinct Boot

This is the new Adidas 2014 Battle Pack Predator Boot.

As the Adidas Predator Instinct 2014 World Cup Boot follows the look of the Battle Pack, the new signature elements of the boot are covered with the Battle Pack design. The most stunning innovations are the semi-transparent outsole, the new passing pad and the 3d rubber elements on the upper for more accurate passes.

The Adidas Nitrocharge 2014 World Cup Boot is designed for The Engine and features a triangle upper design. The most remarkable element could be the semi-transparent Energylising, which wraps around the fore foot area.

The Adidas Adipure 11pro 2014 Battle Pack World Cup Boot features a wavy upper pattern design. As all Adidas 2014 World Cup Boots, the design of the 11pro Battle Pack edition was changed for a more streamlined look. The updated heel design comes with the lettering Adipure and the number 14. The upper of the Adipure 2014 Battle Pack Boot is made from Taurus leather.

The Adidas Adizero 2014 Battle Pack World Cup Boot will be the mostly used Adidas silo during the 2014 World Cup. The Speed Boot features a polygonal triangle design. The upper is made from Hybridtouch, while the Speed Foil material is inspired by sailing boats.

If you want to see more pictures and detailed info about a specific silo, just follow the underlined boot name links. The Adidas 2014 World Cup Battle Pack Boots will be used during the 2014 World Cup and afterwards replaced with the new 2014-2015 usual Boot Colorways. You can check them out in our 2014 Boot Calendar.

The Adidas Battle Pack will be used for first time during the 2014 UEFA Champions League Final in Lisbon and is available to purchase from May 26.