Levski Sofia 14-15 Home and Away Kits Released

Joma and the Bulgarian club Levski Sofia unveiled the new Levski Sofia 2014-2015 Home and Away Kits yesterday. While Puma made the previous kits, the club also announced the new kit supplier deal with the Spanish brand Joma for the upcoming two seasons with an option for a further year.

The new Levski Sofia 2014-2015 Kits are dedicated to the 100 anniversary of the club founded on May 25, 1914. Whereas their previous kits made by Nike and Puma were just teamwear kits, the new Joma Levski Sofia 14-15 Shirts feature a unique design created by the Spanish brand Joma.

Levski Sofia 100 Years Anniversary 14-15 Home Kit

This is the new Levski Sofia 100 years anniversary home shirt.

The classical blue Levski Sofia 14-15 Home Shirt comes with red and yellow details, which are part of the normal club crest. The Levski Sofia 14-15 Home Jersey features white applications and a classical kit collar.

To honor the 100 years anniversary of the club, the shirt features a monochromatic anniversary club logo. The 100-years anniversary club logo used for the new Levski Sofia 2014-15 Home Kit comes with the numbering 1914 - 2014 as well as a laurel wreath.

The lettering Вековен (Century) is placed on the back of the kit under the kit collar. Inside the neckline appears the slogan "Времето е в нас и ние сме във времето" (Time is in us and we are in time) - the wings phrase which is referred to the Bulgarian national liberation movement against Ottoman rule.

The left sleeve of the new Levski Sofia Kit comes with the numbering 2014, while the right sleeve features the year of the club foundation (1914).

Levski Sofia 14-15 Away Kit

This is the new Levski Sofia 14-15 Away Shirt.

The red / yellow striped kit design of the new Levski Sofia 14-15 Away Jersey is inspired by the club crest. The new away kit is based on the same template as the home shirt, but features the usual club logo with the number 100 and a laurel wreath.

The sponsor logo and the Joma logo on the sleeves are navy. The shorts and the socks of the new Levski Sofia 14-15 Away Kit are navy as well.