New Doncaster Rovers 14-15 Kits Released

Doncaster Rovers today unveiled the new Doncaster Rovers 2014-15 Home and Away Kits, made by small English football brand Avec. The new Doncaster 2014-2015 Shirts feature Once Call Insurance as main sponsor. Doncaster Rovers finished the 2013-14 Sky Bet Championship as 22nd and will play in 2014-2015 League One.

Both new Doncaster 2014-2015 Kits were chosen by the club's supporters via social media from a total of 5 options each for the Doncaster 14-15 Home Shirt and the Doncaster 14-15 Away Shirt."

Avec spokesman Steve Ladd said: “Following on from the successful launch of last season’s kit, we are proud to launch the 14/15 designs, which was once again chosen by the fans.

“We value the fans input as it is you the supporters who purchase the kit."

The new Doncaster Rovers Shirts are already available to pre-order and will be launched in early June.

Doncaster 14-15 Home Kit

The new Doncaster 2014-15 Home Shirt is made by Avec, who have a connection with Nike.

This is the new Doncaster 14-15 Home Jersey, which comes with white and red hoops as well as white v-collar. The new Doncaster Rovers 14-15 Kit features a red area on the top right sourrounding the Doncaster crest.

Both sleeves of the new Doncaster Kit have a white sleeve cuffs, with the right one being solid red otherwise while the left sleeve features another white hoop.

Being a Nike subcompany, Avec added iconic laser holes to the new Doncaster Rovers 2014-2015 Jersey's sides, even though Nike itself abandoned the laser hole concept this year.

The new Doncaster 14-15 Kit has black shorts and white socks. The Doncaster Rovers 14-15 Home socks also feature the logo of sponsor Centurion on the side.

Doncaster Rovers 14-15 Away Kit

This is the new fan-voted Doncaster Rovers 2014-15 Away Shirt.

The Doncaster Rovers 14-15 Away Kit features a striking new design with a blue base and a red-white sash. The design of the new Doncaster 14-15 Away Jersey was chosen by the fans

The collar and sleeve cuffs of the new Doncaster 14-15 Away Jersey are red, while the sponsor logo is placed inside a blue block overlaying the red and white sash.

Doncaster Rovers 14-15 Home and Away Kit Design Choices

These are the 10 proposed designs for the new Doncaster 2014-15 Kits the fans could choose from.

The Doncaster supporters chose A for the Home and D for the Away Kit. What would have been your vote?