New SC Paderborn 14-15 Kits Released

SC Paderborn 07 today released the new Paderborn 2014-15 Away Kit ahead of 14-15 Bundesliga season, while the SC Paderborn 14-15 Home Kit was released some weeks ago. It's the first time in the club history that Paderborn will play in the German first division against teams like Bayern München and Borussia Dortmund.

The Paderborn 2014-2015 Jerseys are made by Saller, a small German sports brand and feature kfzteile24, a car parts supplier, as main sponsor.

SC Paderborn 14-15 Home Kit

This is the new Paderborn 2014-15 Home Shirt, made by Saller.

The Paderborn 14-15 Home Jersey is mainly black with satured blue details. The new Paderborn 14-15 Shirt has a blue collar and blue sleeve cuffs as well as blue band across the chest and little blue hoops on the front.

The shorts of the new Paderborn 2014-2015 Home Shirt are black with a blue trim while the Paderborn 2014-2015 Home Kit socks are black with two blue lines at the back.

SC Paderborn 14-15 Away Kit

This is the new Paderborn 2014-2015 Away Jersey, made by Saller.

The SC Paderborn 14-15 Away Kit is based on the SallerTurin Teamwear Kit with the colors claret / yellow. The mainly wine red Paderborn 14-15 Away Jersey features lighter horizontal hoops, while the applications, the kit collar and the sleeve cuffs are yellow.

The shorts and the socks of the new Paderborn 14-15 Away Kit are yellow / red.

SC Paderborn 14-15 Third Kit

This is the new white Paderborn 2014-2015 Jersey, made by Saller.

The white / black Paderborn 14-15 Third Kit is carried over from last season.