Nike Boca Juniors 14-15 Home and Away Kits Released

New Nike Boca Juniors 2014-2015 Home and Away Kits - Nike today unveiled the new Boca Juniors 2014-15 Kits, which draw inspiration from the ports that surround the team's home neighborhood of La Boca. The new Boca Juniors 2014-2015 Kit was leaked in May 2014 by the Twitter user @Nicoambrogi, who posted the world's first pictures of the upcoming Boca Juniors Kit.

The new Boca Juniors 14-15 Kits are again made by Nike and feature the trademark design of the Argentinian club.

Boca Juniors 14-15 Home Kit

This is the new classical Boca Juniors 2014-2015 Kit.

The Nike Boca 2014 Home Kit is dark navy with the iconic yellow horizontal stripe. The shirt features a classical Polo collar with two buttons to create a traditional kit design.

Inside the neckline is a yellow inner pride label with a blue anchor and 1904, which commemorates the Swedish ships that arrived at La Boca's ports at the beginning of the century, which inspired the blue and golden yellow colors of the home kits.

Unlike the previous 2013 home kit, the new Boca Juniors 2014 Home Kit features no yellow sleeve cuffs and not a yellow collar.

The new Boca 2014-2015 Jerseys are sponsored by the bank BBVA and Citroën.

Boca Juniors 14-15 Away Kit

This is the new Boca Juniors 2014-2015 Away Kit.

The new white Boca Juniors 14-15 Away Kit features a bold golden stripe, bordered by a deep blue piping. Nike designed a contrasting navy crew neck collar, while the sleeve cuffs are also navy / yellow.

The home and away shorts are deep blue with subtle golden yellow details, and the socks for both uniforms are deep blue with diamond-shaped details in golden yellow on the back.