CD Lugo 14-15 Kits Released

CD Lugo 14-15 Kits released - Spanish Liga Adelante team CD Lugo today released the new CD Lugo 2014-2015 Home, Away and Third Kits. The new Lugo 2014-15 Jerseys are sponsored by local brewery Estrella Galicia and Galician bank Abanka.

As with last year's Lugo 13-14 Shirts, the new CD Lugo 2014-2015 Kits are made by the club's own brand CDLU, featuring unique and special designs.

CD Lugo 14-15 Home Kit

This is the new Lugo 2014-15 Home Shirt.

The new CD Lugo 14-15 Home Jersey is traditionally white and red striped, while featuring a unique, white collar. The sleeves of the Lugo 2014-2015 Kit are white, while the sleeve cuffs are red.

The back of the Lugo 2014-2015 Home Shirt is white featuring a huge CD Lugo crest watermark as well as Galician-flag inspired design below the collar.

CD Lugo 14-15 Away Kit

This is the new Lugo 2014-15 Away Shirt.

The Lugo 2014-15 Away Jersey is white with light blue accents. The Lugo 14-15 Away Shirt also has the unique neckline from the Home Shirt, as well as the Galicia flag design and club crest watermark on the back.

The sides of the new Lugo 14-15 Away Shirt hold thin gray stripes, while there is a red stripe design at the sleeve cuffs.

CD Lugo 14-15 Third Kit

This is the new Lugo 2014-15 Third Shirt.

The Lugo 2014-15 Third Kit features blue, green and yellow color blocks creating a truly special design. The Lugo 14-15 Third Shirt has a black collar and sleeve cuffs, while the sides are also black.

The upper part, sleeves and back of the Lugo 14-15 Third Shirt are blue, while there is a yellow center color block and more hoops in different shades of green towards the lower end.