Kelme Elche 14-15 Kits Released

New Kelme Elche 14-15 Kits released - Elche CF, promoted to La Liga last summer, today released the new Elche 2014-15 Home, Away and Third Kits. The new Elche 2014-2015 Shirts are made by new kit supplier Kelme, following on Italian brand Acerbis.

Spanish shoemaker Gioseppo continues as Elche CF main sponsor for another year following the renewal of the sponsorhip contract.

Elche 14-15 Kelme Home Kit

This is the new Elche 2014-2015 Kelme Home Shirt.

The new Elche 2014-15 Home Jersey features the classical look, white with a big green hoop. Kelme introduces golden details to the Elche 14-15 Home Shirt in the form of a golden lining on the collar, golden sleeve cuffs as well as golden accents in the shoulder area.

The shorts of the new Elche 14-15 Home Kit are white with a thin green line down both sides, while the socks are also white, but with a green trim at the upper end.

Elche 14-15 Away Kit

This is the new Elche 2014-15 Away Jersey.

The new Kelme Elche CF 14-15 Away Shirt is basically like the home shirt, but with inverted main colors, while the golden details are not touched. Coming with a green body and a white center hoop on the front holding a green Gioseppo logo, the Elche 2014-15 Away Kit features a unique neckline.

The Elche 14-15 Away Kit shorts are mainly green with golden lines on both sides, while the socks are green with a white trim at the top and a white Kelme logo on the front.

Elche 2014-15 Third Kit

This is the new Kelme Elche 14-15 Third Jersey.

The Elche 2014-2015 Third Kit is the most uncommon of the set, with the upper part of it being black, while the lower half is completely golden, seperated by a fading transition. The lower half of the new Elche 14-15 Third Shirt also features the Elche CF crest as design.

The shorts and socks of the new Elche 14-15 Third Kit are black with golden accents.