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Adidas Predator 1994 Remake Boot Released

Adidas celebrates the 20-year anniversary of the legendary Adidas Predator Football Boot, which was originally launched in 1994. To honor the legendary boot, Adidas releases four spectacular Adidas Predator Remakes. The new Adidas Predator Remakes are inspired by the most famous and distinctive classic Predator Boots. The Adidas Predator 1998 Boot is limited to 1825 pairs globally.

In 1994, Adidas unveiled the first ever Adidas Predator Boot, the beginning of the popular Adidas Predator Boot Range. The aim was to create a boot which offers more power, more swerve and more control than traditional football boots. The final boot design of the new Adidas Predator was radically new with rubberised zone covering the forefoot made for more swerve and power.

Adidas Predator 1994 Boot Remake

This is the new 2014 Adidas Predator 1994 Cleat Remake.

For the Adidas Predator 1994 Remake, Adidas created a boot with all distinctive elements of the original Adidas Predator 1994 Boot.

The upper of the Adidas Predator 1994 Remake features the iconic vulcanised rubber elements, which were the most remarkable and innovative feature of the first Predator Boot. While the upper of the first Adidas Predator Boot was made from Kangaroo leather, the new Adidas Predator 1994 Remake uses synthetic materials.

The Adidas Predator 1994 Boot comes with the iconic colors of the legendary range, black, white and red.

On the tongue of the Adidas Predator 1994 Remake is the first Predator logo. The red adidas lettering is placed on the heel, which features the classical shape of the original Predator 1994 Boot.

For the outsole, Adidas combines the latest technologies with the original 1994 design. The mainly black outsole of the new Adidas Predator 1994 Remake comes with the the totally new Control Frame element. The design of the outsole features the traditional red design with the adidas lettering, similar as the original Predator 1994 Boot.

The 2014 Predator remakes include the Predator 1994, the Predator Accelerator 1998 and Predator Mania 2002" as well as a Adidas Predator Tongue Boot. The new Adidas Predator Instinct Boot was unveiled for the 2014 World Cup, while Adidas already unveiled several Predator Instinct Boots in Summer 2014.

The new Adidas Predator 1994 Remake is available from today, limited to 1825 pairs globally, for £260 / $300 / €300.