Bayern München Unveil Special Pink '1' Sponsor Logo

Bayern München will play the next three Bundesliga matches with a special sponsor writing on the front - a new product by main sponsor Deutsche Telekom called 'MagentaEINS' takes over the Bayern München 2014-15 Shirt front with its iconic pink one.

Special Bayern München 14-15 MagentaEINS '1' Shirt

This is the new Bayern Munich 2014-2015 Shirt for the next three matches in Bundesliga, featuring a huge pink '1' on the front side.

The Bayern München 14-15 Home Shirt will feature the iconic MagentaEINS One for the next matches, a white border has been added to aid visibility.

While sponsor interests have to be respected of course, the look should be taken into consideration before printing big, pink logos on the front of football shirts - in this case it looks simply awful, to say the least.

This is the actual MagentaEINS logo, together with the slogan "Die Zukunft ist 1" (The future is 1) marketing a new all-in-one telecommunications contract.

What do you think about this sponsor logo, or does Pep's face say it all?