Special Macron Lazio 2015 'Eagle Kit' Released

To celebrate the 115-years anniversary of S.S. Lazio, Macron and Lazio today unveiled a special stylized eagle Lazio Football Kit, set to debut in the Serie A match against AC Milan.

The new Lazio 2015 Kit is based on the famous 'Maglia bandiera' (that means Flag Kit), which was used in the 1980s and is recognized as one of most iconic Italian club shirts. The Lazio 14-15 Kits were already unveiled in July 2014. Thanks to Passione Maglie for the pictures.

Special Lazio 2015 Kit - 'Flag Shirt'

This is the new special Lazio 2015 Jersey.

Based on the famous Lazio 1880s Jersey, the new Lazio 2015 Jersey features a bold eagle graphic on the front of the kit, which was also part of the Lazio 1980s club crest. The stylized eagle graphic is continued on the sleeves and the back of the special Lazio 2015 Kit.

The new Lazio 2015 Eagle Shirt is divided in a white upper half and a sky blue half to recreate the famous half-and-half kit design. The shorts of the new special Lazio 2015 Kit are sky blue, while the socks are white.

The original Lazio Stylized eagle Shirt was designed in the early 1980s by former Lazio SS president Gian Chiaron Casoni, whose family also the owns the trademark rights of the stylized eagle design. In September 2014, Lazio announced that they reached an agreement to use the famous stylized eagle for their shirts.

Lazio 2015 Eagle Goalkeeper Jersey

This is the new Lazio 2015 Goalkeeper Soccer Jersey.

The new SS Lazio 2015 Goalkeeper Shirt is turquoise with an impressive white eagle graphic pattern print on the front.

Lazio will wear the the new 'Eagle Kit' for the first time in the Serie A match against AC Milan, while the eagle shirt will be also used for the rest of the season. The new Lazio 2015 Flag Kit will be available from January 22 at selected retailers.