Galatasaray 15-16 Kits Released

Today's release of the striking red Galatasaray 15-16 'Night Rising' Third Kit completes the Turkish champion's 2015-16 collection. The Galatasaray 2015-2016 Home Kit extends the half-and-half design to the shorts and socks.

The new Galatasaray 15-16 Kits boast four stars after Galatasaray became the first Turkish team to win 20 league titles. Made by US-giant Nike, the Galatasaray 15-16 Kits feature no main sponsor yet, after the Turkish club signed one-year sponsorship deals with Huawai (domestic matches) and Turkish Airlines (Champions League matches) last year.

Galatasaray 15-16 Home Kit

This is the new Nike Galatasaray 2015-16 Home Jersey.

The new Nike Galatasaray 2015-2016 Home Shirt returns to the traditional halves design, the left half is red and the right half is orange. A black line is visible on the back of the crew-neck collar of the new Galatasaray 15-16 Home Jersey.

This season, the famous design of the shirt is extended to the shorts and the socks of the new Galatasaray 15-16 Home Jersey - bold.

Galatasaray 15-16 Away Shirt

This is the new Galatasaray 2015-16 Away Soccer Jersey.

The new Nike Galatasaray 15-16 Away Jersey is mainly black, combined with the iconic Galatasaray colors red and yellow. On the front of the new Galatasaray 2015-16 Away Shirt are brighter pinstripes.

To reflect the club's traditional half-and-half kit design, the black Galatasaray 2015-16 Away Kit boasts a red and yellow trim running from the sleeves to the right and left side of the shirt, respectively.

Based on the same template as the leaked FC Barcelona 15-16 Home Kit, the new black Galatasaray features a crew neck collar with a red stripe. Interestingly, the new Galatasaray 15-16 Away Shirt was already leaked in May 2014, even though it was expected to be designed for the 2014-15 season at that time.

Galatasaray 15-16 Third Kit

This is the new Galatasaray 2015-2016 Third Shirt.

The new Galatasaray 15-16 Third Kit is red (light crimson) with a bold black gradient design on the sleeves, while the front and the back of the new Galatasaray Shirt are solid red. To create a clean design, the new Galatasaray 2015-16 Third Shirt has a special constructed crew neck collar.

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