2015-16 Kits Overview - Leaked and Official 15-16 Shirts

Football Kits, Soccer Jerseys, Footy Shirts - whatever you call them, our new 15-16 Football Kits Overview brings you the latest 2015-16 Jerseys from the top 5 leagues as well as exclusive 2015-2016 Kits leaks and shirt information.

The new 2015-16 Kits Overview will be updated frequently with the latest jersey leaks, kit supplier changes and football kit news until Summer 2015.

2015-2016 Football Kits - Leagues

Premier League


Arsenal 2015-16 Home and Third Kits

Puma again produces the new Arsenal 15-16 Shirts, after the German brand became Arsenal's kit supplier in Summer 2014. There are already leaks of the new Arsenal 2015-2016 Kits.

The Arsenal 15-16 Home Kit will be red with white and golden, while the new Arsenal 2015-2016 Away Jersey will be dark navy with golden accents. The Arsenal 15-16 Cup (Third) Shirt will be anthracite, boasting turquoise, golden and white applications.

Aston Villa

Aston Villa 15-16 Kits

Macron makes the new Aston Villa 2015-16 Jerseys.

AFC Bournemouth

Bournemouth 15-16 Kits

The new Bournemouth 15-16 Kits are made by JD Sports and feature Mansion as shirt sponsor, released in mid-July.


Burnley FC 2015-16 Home Kit

Puma makes the clean Burnley 15-16 Home Shirt.


Chelsea 15-16 Home, Away and Third Kits

The new Adidas Chelsea 2015-16 Home Kit boasts a classical design with red details. The new Chelsea 15-16 Away Shirt is white / red / blue, while the Chelsea 15-16 Third Jersey features a unique pattern on the front.

Crystal Palace

Crystal Palace 2015-2016 Shirts

Macron will again produce the new Crystal Palace 15-16 Kits, after the Italian brand and the Premier League club signed a four-year kit deal in January 2014.


Umbro Everton 15-16 Kit

The new Umbro Everton 15-16 Shirts will feature a unique design, made by the Double Diamond brand Umbro.

Hull City

Hull City 15-16 Kit

Umbro produces the new Hull City 2015-16 Shirts.

Leicester City

Leicester City 15-16 Kit

The new Leicester City 15-16 Home Kit features a clean design.


Liverpool 15-16 Home, Away and Third Kits

New Balance will make the Liverpool 15-16 Jerseys for the first time, after Warrior Football was re-branded as New Balance in early 2015. The New Balance Liverpool 2015-16 Home Kit comes with a chequered pattern on the front to create a unique design.

Manchester City

Manchester City 15-16 Kits

The new Nike Manchester City 15-16 Home Kit will feature a classical Polo collar, while the Manchester City 15-16 Away Jersey is navy / light blue with a stunning Blue Moon graphic.

Manchester United

Adidas Manchester United 15-16 Kits

Manchester United 15-16 Goalkeeper Jersey

Adidas makes the new Manchester United 2015-16 Kits, while there is already the first real leak of the new Man Utd 15-16 Jersey.

Footy Headlines understands that the new Manchester United 15-16 Home Kit will feature the traditional main color red with white 3 stripes and black applications. The new Manchester United 15-16 Away Jersey is white / red with an elegant design, whereas the Black / Red Manchester United 2015-2016 Third Shirt is 'anything but boring'.

Manchester United 2015-2016 Training Shirts

Newcastle United

Newcastle United 15-16 Kits

The Newcastle United 2015-16 Shirts are again made by Puma. The Newcastle United 2015-16 Away Shirt boasts a striking graphic design on the front.

Norwich City

Norwich City 15-16 Kit

Errea continues to make the Norwich City 15-16 Kits for the new Premier League season.

Queens Park Rangers

QPR 2015-2016 Shirts

QPR will sport unique Nike kits in the 2015-16 season.


Southampton 15-16 Home and Away Kits

After Southampton released brandless kits of the 14-15 season, the new Southampton 15-16 Kits will be produced by Adidas again.

Stoke City

Stoke City 15-16 Home and Away Kits

New Balance will make the new Stoke City 2015-16 Shirts.


Sunderland 2015-2016 Kit

The new Sunderland Jerseys are made by Adidas again.


Swansea City 15-16 Kit

Adidas supplies the new Swansea 15-16 Kits, with the Swansea 15-16 Home Shirt returning to golden details.


Tottenham 15-16 Kits

For the fifth time in a row, the new Tottenham Kits will be produced by Under Armour, who designed unique Tottenham 2015-16 Home and Away Shirts.


Watford 15-16 Kits

The Watford 2015-2016 Kit is made by Puma and features a striking front gradient.

West Bromwich

West Bromwich 15-16 Away Kit

The new West Bromwich 2015-16 Kits will return to the traditional striped kit design, after the current West Bromwich Kit introduced pinstripes.

West Ham United

West Ham United 2015-2016 Kits

Kit supplier change - West Ham United got a new shirt supplier. Umbro produces the new West Ham United 2015-2016 Kit, which is inspired by the shirt worn in 1904.

La Liga


Athletic Bilbao 15-16 Kits

The new Nike Athletic 15-16 Home Shirt will feature the traditional design of the Basque club.

Atlético Madrid

Atlético 15-16 Home Kit

Nike will make the new Atlético 2015-16 Jerseys, which will likely feature a new shirt sponsor as the contract with the country of Azerbaijan expires in Summer 2015. The new Atlético Madrid 15-16 Away Jersey will be navy / white.

FC Barcelona

FC Barcelona 2015-16 Home and Away Jerseys

The radical new FC Barcelona 15-16 Home Kit boasts horizontal stripes for the first time in the club history. The new FC Barcelona 2015-16 Away Jersey is orange with red vertical stripes on the back.

FC Barcelona 15-16 Training and Pre-Match Shirts

Real Betis

Betis 15-16 Kits

Adidas becomes the new Betis Shirt supplier to produce the Betis 15-16 Kits.

Celta de Vigo

Celta 15-16 Kit

The new Adidas Celta Vigo 2015-16 Home Kit introduces a traditional sky blue and white design for the Galician club.

Deportivo La Coruna

Deportivo La Coruna 15-16 Kits

The new Depor 2015-16 Kits are made by Lotto and feature classic designs.


Eibar 15-16 Kits

Replacing Hummel, Puma makes the new Eibar 2015-2016 Home, Away and Third Shirts.


Espanyol 15-16 Kits

The new Espanyol 15-16 Shirts are made by Joma who follow on Puma as new kit supplier from the 2015-16 season.


Getafe 15-16 Kits


Granada 2015-16 Kits

Las Palmas

Las Palmas 15-16 Kits

Las Palmas return to La Liga after 13 years, while the Las Palmas 15-16 Kits are expected to made by Acerbis, an Italian brand.


Levante 15-16 Kit

Made by Nike, the new Levante 15-16 Home Shirt features a striking blue color block on a red background.


Malaga 15-16 Home and Away Kits

Nike is expected to continue producing the new Malaga 15-16 Kits.

Rayo Vallecano

Rayo Vallecano 15-16 Kits

Made by new kit supplier Kelme, the Rayo Vallecano 15-16 Away Kit shows support for the 'unsung heroes of society' with a striking rainbow sash.

Real Madrid

Real Madrid 15-16 Kits

The new Real Madrid 15-16 Home Jersey is white with light grey 3 stripes to create a clean design. The Adidas Real Madrid 2015-16 Away Shirt is grey / yellow, whereas the Real Madrid 2015-16 Third Kit will be navy / light blue.

Real Madrid 2015-16 Training Shirts

Real Sociedad

Real Sociedad 15-16 Kits


Sevilla 15-16 Kit

The new Sevilla 2015-16 Kits are the first-ever to be produced by New Balance.

Sporting Gijón

Sporting Gijon 15-16 Kits

The Sporting Gijón 15-16 Kit are made by Kappa andfeature the club's iconic red and white stripes with a striking blue stripe on the back.


Adidas Valencia 2015-2016 Kits

Adidas will again make the new Valencia 2015-16 Kits.


Villarreal 15-16 Kits

The new Villarreal 15-16 Shirts are made by Chinese brand Xtep.



Augsburg 15-16 Kits

Bayer Leverkusen

Bayer 04 Leverkusen 15-16 Home Jersey

The new Bayer 04 Leverkusen 15-16 Home Kit features horizontal stripes, while the red Leverkusen Home Shirt becomes the new Bayer Leverkusen 2015-16 Away Kit.

Bayern München

FC Bayern Munich 2015-16 Home Kit

The Adidas FC Bayern Munich 2015-16 Home Kit will return to the iconic main color red.

SV Darmstadt 98

Darmstadt 15-16 Kit

Jako makes the new Darmstadt 15-16 Kits, replacing previous shirt supplier Nike.

Borussia Dortmund

Borussia Dortmund 15-16 Kit

Puma will make the new Borussia Dortmund 2015-16 Home and Third Shirts, while the Borussia Dortmund 14-15 Away Kit will be carried over and serve as alternative jersey in the coming season. Traditionally, the new Borussia Dortmund 15-16 Home Jersey will be yellow / black, while the Borussia Dortmund 2015-16 Third Kit will be white with black and yellow details.


Gladbach 15-16 Kits

The new Borussia Mönchengladbach 15-16 Shirts will be made by Kappa and sponsored by Postbank.

Eintracht Frankfurt

Eintracht Frankfurt 15-16 Kits

Nike again makes the new Eintracht Frankfurt 2015-16 Kits after the US-giant became Frankfurt's kit supplier in 2014. The new Eintracht Frankfurt 2015-2016 Home boasts a pinstripes design.

SC Freiburg

Freiburg 15-16 Kits

The new SC Freiburg 2015-2016 Kits will be again made by Nike, who are Freiburg's kit supplier until 2016.

Hamburger SV

Hamburg 15-16 Kits

The new Hamburg 15-16 Home Kit will be white / blue, while the HSV 2015-16 Away Soccer Jersey will be light blue.

Hannover 96

Hannover 96 15-16 Kits

In late 2014, Jako and Hannover 96 extended their kit deal until 2019, which allows the German brand to produce the new Hannover 15-16 Shirts.

Hertha Berlin

Hertha BSC 15-16 Kits

After 9 years with German railway service Deutsche Bahn, the new Nike Berlin 2015-16 Kits will boast a new sponsor.

TSG 1899 Hoffenheim

1899 Hoffenheim 15-16 Kit

The new Hoffenheim 2015-16 Football Kits will be made by the Italian brand Lotto.


Ingolstadt 15-16 Kits

The Ingolstadt 2015-2016 Shirts are made by Adidas and feature clean designs, sponsored by Media Markt.


Cologne 15-16 Jerseys

Erima makes the new 1. FC Köln 15-16 Kits.


Mainz 05 15-16 Kits

Lotto becomes the new 1. FSV Mainz kit supplier from the 15-16 season.

SC Paderborn

Saller will again make the new SC Paderborn 15-16 Kits.


Schalke 15-16 Away and Third Kits

The Adidas Schalke 15-16 Home Kit is carried over from last season. Adidas combines the new white Schalke 2015-16 Away Jersey with light blue, while the Schalke 2015-16 Third Jersey is expected to be anthracite.

VfB Stuttgart

VfB Stuttgart 15-16 Kits

Puma makes the new VfB Stuttgart 2015-16 Kits, which mark a return to a continues chest band after 40 years.

Werder Bremen

Werder Bremen 15-16 Kit

Traditionally, Nike will be Werder Bremen's 2015-16 kit supplier (contract until 2018). The new Werder Bremen 2015-2016 Home Kit returns to the mint green main color.

VfL Wolfsburg

VfL Wolfsburg 15-16 Kits

For the second year in a row, the new VfL Wolfsburg Shirts will be made by Kappa. The new Wolfsburg 2015-16 Home Jersey introduces a totally new design.

Serie A


Atalanta 15-16 Kits


Bologna 15-16 Kit

Macron produces the new Bologna 2015-16 Kits.


Carpi 15-16 Kits

The new Carpi 2015-16 Shirts are made by Italian brand Givova.

Chievo Verona

Chievo Verona 15-16 Kits

The new Chievo 2015-2016 Shirts are made by long-term shirt supplier Givova.


Fiorentina 15-16 Home, Away and Third Jerseys

The new Fiorentina 15-16 Kits will be likely made by the iconic French brand Le Coq Sportif.


The Frosinone 15-16 Serie A Kits are expected to be made by Legea.


Genoa 15-16 Home and Away Kits

Genoa 15-16 Third Kit (Special Genoa CFC First Championship Kit)

Lotto will again make the new Genoa 2015-16 Kits.


Inter 15-16 Home and Away Jerseys

The new Inter 2015-16 Home Shirt will celebrate the return to the traditional striped design.

Inter 2015-16 Training and Pre-Match Shirts


Juventus 15-16 Home Kit

The new Juventus 2015-16 Kits will be made by Adidas. The new Juventus 15-16 Away Kit will be pink with white and black applications. For the inuagural Adidas Juventus Home Kit, Adidas will introduce a traditional design. The new Black / Gold Juventus 2015-16 Third Kit will feature a spectacular gradient design from a black shirt to white socks, inspired by the home stadium.

Juventus 15-16 Training Shirts


Lazio 15-16 Kits

The new Macron Lazio 2015-16 Home Kit was already debuted in the 14-15 Coppa Italia final, while the Lazio 15-16 Away and Third Kits will be unveiled later.


AC Milan 15-16 Home Kit

The new Adidas AC Milan 15-16 Home Shirt will return to the famous AC Milan badge with a traditional kit design. The new white / red / grey Milan 15-16 Away Jersey will feature a fashionable design, while the AC Milan 2015-16 Third Shirt will be deep green with yellow and white applications.

SSC Napoli

Napoli 15-16 Kits

The new Napoli 2015-16 Kits are made by Kappa.

USC Palermo

Palermo 15-16 Kit

AS Roma

AS Roma 15-16 Home Kit

The new AS Roma 15-16 Kits will be again made by the US-giant Nike. The Nike AS Roma 2015-2016 Home Shirt features two shades of red.

AS Roma 2015-2016 Training and Pre-Match Shirts

UC Sampdoria

Sampdoria 15-16 Kits

The new Sampdoria 2015-2016 Home, Away and Third Shirts are made by new kit supplier Joma.


Sassuolo 15-16 Kits


Torino 15-16 Kits

Ligue 1

Gazelec Ajaccio

Gazélec Ajaccio 15-16 Kits

Macron produced the new Gazélec Ajaccio 15-16 Kits for the club's first-ever Ligue 1 season.

Angers SCO

Angers 15-16 Kit

Made by Kappa, the new Angers 2015-16 Home Shirt boasts the club's traditional black and white stripes.

SC Bastia

Kappa SC Bastia 15-16 Kit


Girondins Bordeaux 15-16 Kits

The new Puma Bordeaux 2015-2016 Home Kit boasts a unique graphic pattern on the front.

SM Caen

SM Caen 15-16 Jersey

The new Nike SM Caen 2015-16 Home Kit boasts a radical new pinstripes design.

ESTAC Troyes

ESTAC Troyes 15-16 Kits

The new ESTAC Troyes 2015-2016 Shirts are made by Kappa and feature unique designs.

Evian Thonon Gaillard

Evian 15-16 Kappa Kit

Lille OSC

Lille OSC 15-16 Kits

The new Nike Lille OSC 2015-16 Kits boast bespoke designs for the Ligue 1 team.

Olympique Lyonnais

Lyon 15-16 Kits

The Adidas Olympique Lyonnais 15-16 Home Kit will feature a navy / red horizontal hoops design, which draws inspiration from the 2013-14 Olympique Lyonnais Away Shirt.

Olympique Marseille

Marseille 2015-16 Jerseys

The new white Adidas Olympique Marseille 15-16 Home Kit will introduce a totally new club badge, while the new OM 2015-16 Away Jersey will be black / light blue.

AS Monaco

AS Monaco 15-16 Kits

The new Nike AS Monaco 15-16 Home Kit features a gold Swoosh, while the new AS Monaco Away Jersey is navy / gold, creating a classy design.


Nantes 15-16 Kits

Made by Umbro, the new Nantes 15-16 Kits boast classic designs.

OGC Nice

OGC Nice 2015-16 Kits

Paris Saint-Germain

Paris Saint-Germain 15-16 Kits

The new navy Nike PSG 2015-16 Home Kit will return to the traditional design with a wide red vertical stripe on the front, surrounded by one thin vertical white stripe, respectively. The new PSG 2015-2016 Away Kit will be white with navy and red applications.

AS Saint-Étienne

Saint-Etienne 15-16 Kits

The new AS Saint-Etienne 15-16 Home and Away Shirts are made by Le Coq Sportif after the French brand signed a shirt supply deal back in April

Stade de Reims

Stade Reims 15-16 Kit

Stade Rennais

Stade Rennais 15-16 Kits

Toulouse FC

Toulouse 15-16 Kits

Joma produces the new Toulouse 2015-16 Shirts after becoming the new kit supplier to replace Kappa.

Other teams


Ajax 15-16 Home and Away Kits

The new Adidas Ajax 15-16 Home Shirt comes with the traditional colors of the Dutch club, while the Ajax 2015-16 Away Kit will be Solar Green with white and black applications.

RSC Anderlecht

Anderlecht 15-16 Home Kit

FC Basel

FC Basel 15-16 Home Kit

The FC Basel 15-16 Away Kit will be carried over from last season.


Benfica 15-16 Kits


Celtic 2015-16 Kits

The Celtic 2015-16 Home and Away Kits are the first-ever Celtic kits made by new kit supplier New Balance.

CSKA Moscow

CSKA 2015-16 Kits


Fenerbahce 15-16 Kits


Feyenoord 15-16 Kits


Galatasaray 15-16 Kits

FC Kopenhagen

FC Copenhagen 15-16 Home Kit

The new white / blue FC Kopenhagen 15-16 Shirt features a simplistic design, set to be revealed in June 2015.


Olympiacos 15-16 Kits

The new Olympiacos 15-16 Kit comes with a classic design, made by new kit supplier Adidas.

FC Porto

New Balance FC Porto 15-16 Kits

New Balance makes the new FC Porto 2015-2016 Shirts for the first time in the club history. The New Balance Porto 2015-16 Away Kit boasts the striking colors brown and light blue.


PSV 15-16 Kits

The new PSV Eindhoven 15-16 Kits are made by Umbro, who follow on Nike after more than 20 years.


Rangers 2015-16 Home Kit


Sporting CP 15-16 Kits

The Sporting 2015-16 Home, Away and Third Kits are made by Macron.


Trabzonspor 15-16 Kits

Nike makes the simplistic Trabzonspor 2015-2016 Jerseys.


The new Nike Zenit 2015-2016 Home Kit will feature the iconic main color light blue.

Club America

Club America 15-16 Away Kit


Flamengo 2015-16 Home Kit

Flamengo 15-16 Away Kit

São Paulo

Sao Paulo 15-16 Kits

The new Sao Paulo 2015-16 Home and Away Kits are the first-ever by new kit supplier Under Armour.