Shocking Puma Halmstad 'Turtle-Patterned' Kit Revealed

Halmstad players have questioned the extraordinary design of the new turtle-patterned Halmstad Away Kit, with Swedish Halmstad defender Jesper Westerberg tweeting "Are you joking?" after he has seen the new green Puma Halmstad BK 2015 Away Shirt.

Green Halmstad 2015 Kit

This is the new green Halmstad 2015 Shirt.

The new green Halmstad 2015 Jersey reminds us of the extraordinary design of 1990s football kits. It boasts a unique graphic all-over print with different shades of green, while it features no club badge and sponsor logos yet.

Swedish first division club Halmstad BK traditionally plays with a blue home shirt, while the usually receive a white away kit and a black third jersey.

Halmstad defender Jesper Westerberg also tweeted: "Something seems to have gone seriously wrong at the design department at Puma", even though he deleted this tweet afterwards.

Interestingly, Halmstad gives us also a first look at the new eye-catching Puma Swerve Shirt template, which is introduced for the 2015-16 season. It is likely that other Puma sponsored clubs will receive the new striking Puma Swerve Shirt.

Even though teams like Arsenal and Borussia Dortmund are expected to get an exclusive shirt design, it is possible that the new Puma Arsenal and Borussia Dortmund 2015-16 Shirts will feature a similar eye-catching design.

What do you expect from the new Puma 2015-2016 Kits?