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Puma evoACCURACY Mario Balotelli Boots Released

The new Puma evoACCURACY Balotelli 2015 Football Boots introduce a unique design, set to be worn exclusively by Mario Balotelli.

Mario Balotelli said about his new boots: "Accuracy is very important in football. The new Puma evoACCURACY boots are similar to the Puma evoPOWER. It is always a big pleasure to receive a special edition football boot."

Puma's controversial signature athlete Mario Balotelli just scored one goal in 13 Premier League appearances this season, while he already received a Signature Puma evoPOWER Soccer Boot in November 2014. With the new Puma evoPOWER Accuracy Boots, Mario Balotelli will try to improve his goal ratio for Liverpool in the remaining fixtures this season.

Puma evoACCURACY - New 2015 Mario Balotelli Puma evoPOWER Boots

This is the new White / Green Puma evoACCURACY Balotelli Cleat.

The new White / Yellow / Green Puma evoACCURACY Boots feature a redesigned upper structure combining Puma's Accufoam technology with Griptex for better ball control in any conditions.

While the regular Puma evoPOWER 1.2 2015 Boot already introduced enlarged Accufoam foam pads, the Puma design team went even further with the new special Puma Mario Balotelli Accuracy Boots. The forefoot area of the new Puma evoPOWER MB45 Accuracy Cleats features a diamond shaped cushion design, which covers the entire upper material for even more accuracy.

The new Puma evoACCURACY Balotelli Boots combine the colors white, green and yellow with a unique design. While the heel area of the new Mario Balotelli 2015 Boot is white, the forefoot area features a diamond-shaped design using green and yellow. On the tongue of the new Mario Balotelli Boot is the lettering Accuracy.

On the redesigned heel area of the new Puma is the signature branding MB45, whereas the Puma logo is placed on the instep of the boot. The outsole features a unique green / white gradient design, while it uses the same technologies as the regular Puma evoPOWER 1.2 Cleats.

The limited edition Puma evoPOWER 1.2 MB45 evoACCURACY Soccer Cleats were revealed in March 2015, and could be sported exclusively by Liverpool striker Mario Balotelli in the Premier League match against Arsenal on April 4, 2015.