Gareth Bale Trains in New Adidas 2015 Prototype Boots

What's the future of Adidas Football Boots? Adidas F50 Adizero Boot face Gareth Bale has been spotted wearing a totally new blackout Adidas Soccer Cleat in today's training, which is rumored to be revealed in Summer 2015.

In September 2014, Thomas Müller was already spotted wearing a new blackout Adidas Prototype Soccer Boot, which looks pretty similar to Gareth Bale's latest Adidas Prototype Football Boot.

Gareth Bale trains in Blackout Adidas Prototype 2015 Football Boots

Close-up picture of Gareth Bale's black-out Adidas 2015 Soccer Cleats (picture via Real Madrid).

The new blackout Adidas 2015 Prototype Boots worn by Gareth Bale give us a first look at a totally new Adidas 2015 Boot.

Featuring a slim design with a thin synthetic upper, the Gareth Bale Prototype Cleats reminds us of the lightweight Adidas F50 Adizero Boot, even though it's almost certain that the new blackout Adidas Gareth Bale Boots will be a totally new Adidas boot silo.

Another remarkable feature of Gareth Bale's mystery blackout Adidas 2015 Boot is a new sock-like material surrounding the ankle, which seems to follow a similar approach as Nike's revolutionary Dynamic Fit collar.

2015 will bring Adidas' biggest shifts in years. Stay tuned for more info about the new Adidas 2015 soccer cleat silos in the upcoming weeks, and check out all leaked and released Adidas 2015 Football Boots in our Boot Calendar.