Fenerbahce 15-16 Kits Revealed

The new Adidas Fenerbahce 2015-16 Home Kit boasts a traditional design, inspired by iconic Fenerbahce Shirts of the past, while the Fenerbahce 15-16 Away Kit features a street fashion-inspired hooped look.

Adidas produces the new Fenerbahce 2015-2016 Kits which feature no shirt sponsor as of now. The new Fenerbahce 15-16 Away and Third Kits were released on July 7, 2015.

Fenerbahce 15-16 Home Kit

This is the new Adidas Fenerbahce 2015-2016 Kit.

The new Fenerbahce 2015-16 Home Shirt features the club's iconic dark blue and yellow stripes on front and back, whereas the sides of the new Fenerbahce 15-16 Kit are solid dark blue. The Adidas logo and the 3 stars, representing 19 league titles, above the Fenerbahce crest on the new Fenerbahce 2015-2016 Kit are golden.

Fenerbahçe is written on the upper back below the collar of the new Adidas Fenerbahce 15-16 Home Jersey, which has a yellow color block on the hem on both sides.

Fenerbahce 15-16 Away Kit

This render shows the new Adidas Fenerbahce 2015-2016 Away Shirt.

The Fenerbahce 15-16 Away Kit is grey with striking light blue hoops on the front. A simple grey crew-neck collar is used for the Fener 2015-16 Away Jersey which boasts black 3 Stripes on the sleeves, a centrally-placed black Adidas logo and a monochromatic black Fenerbahce crest on the front.

A striking cotton effect is applied to the material of the Fenerbahce 2015-2016 Away Kit, similar to the Adidas Real Madrid 15-16 Away Kit.

Fenerbahce 15-16 Third Kit

This illustration shows the new Adidas Fenerbahce 2015-16 Third Shirt.

The new Fenerbahçe 2015-2016 Third Jersey is dark blue with striking garish yellow accents in the form of the Adidas logo and 3 Stripes as well as the Fenerbahce crest. The front of the Adidas Fenerbahce 15-16 Third Kit features a striking gradient which fades to a lighter shade of blue towards the bottom.

While the collar of the Chelsea 15-16 Kit is used for the new Fenerbahce Third Kit, the color gradient on the front is reminiscent of that used on the new Cardiff City Kit.

Dark blue shorts and socks complete the new Fenerbahce 2015-16 Third Kit.

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