Palermo 15-16 Kits Released

The new Palermo 15-16 Kits introduce unique designs for the 2015-2016 Serie A campaign of the Sicilian club. Staying true to the rich history of the club, the Palermo 2015-16 Shirts were released on June 30.

Spanish brand Joma makes the new Palermo 2015-16 Kits in the second year of its kit supplier contract, while the new Palermo Jerseys feature no main sponsor as of now.

Palermo 15-16 Home Shirt

This is the new Palermo 2015-2016 Kit.

The new Palermo 15-16 Home Kit combines the traditional main colors pink and black, which have been used by the Italian club since 1907. On the front of the new Palermo 2015-16 Jersey is an embossed eagle.

Joma created a modern crew neck collar for the new Palermo 15-16 Home Kit with a black trim.

Inside the neckline of the new Palermo Shirts is the slogan "Rosa come il dolce, nero come l'amaro, dal 1907 i nostri colori" (that translates to "Rosa as the sweet, black as bitter, since 1907 our colors"), while on the back under the collar is the lettering "U.S. Città di Palermo".

The shorts and the socks of the new Palermo Home Kit are black.

Palermo 15-16 Away Kit

This is the new Palermo 2015-16 Away Shirt.

The new Joma Palermo 2015-2016 Away Jersey is mainly white with an elaborated stripe panel on the front featuring both Palermo's iconic pale pink and black, separated by a slim diagonal white line and drawing inspiration from the design of the USC Palermo crest.

Pink and black accents are also visible on the crew-neck collar of the new Palermo 15-16 Kit, which is split in half between the two colors and the sleeve cuffs, which are pink on the right sleeve and black on the left.

White shorts and socks complement the new Palermo 15-16 Away Shirt.

Palermo 15-16 Third Jersey

This is the new Palermo 2015-2016 Third Kit.

The new Palermo 2015-16 Third Kit introduces a fresh look for the Sicilian club. Joma combines the main color green with fluorescent yellow details on the crew neck collar and the sleeve cuffs.

Most remarkably, the new Joma Palermo 2015-2016 Third Jersey boasts Palermo's crest used in the 1980s to link between modernism and tradition.

Palermo 15-16 Goalkeeper Shirt

This is the new Palermo 2015-2016 Goalkeeper Jersey.

The blue Palermo 2015-2016 Goalkeeper Kit boasts a unique design with embossed eagles on the chest area, combined with black and pink applications.

Joma also revealed the new Palermo 15-16 Kit Numbers, which feature a classic design, and include the iconic Palermo crest.

What do you think of the new unique Joma Palermo 2015-16 Home, Away and Third Kits? Let us know in the comments below.