Break Expections | Adidas Manchester United 2015-16 Kit Launch Video

Adidas have released a stunning video to kick-off a new era for Manchester United and to show off the new Manchester United 2015-16 Home Kit.

Manchester United 15-16 Home Kit Launch Video

This is the Adidas Man Utd 2015-16 Home Jersey Video.

It's all about the Red Devils. The new Manchester United 2015-2016 Home Kit Launch Video honors the rich history of Man Utd showing the most important moments of the club history.

The video starts with a gigantic explosion above the city of Manchester. It then shows some of the most important moments of the 113-years history, while Manchester United players use a trident to break up with the past and to herald a new era in the club history. Break expectations.

The first Adidas Manchester United 2015-2016 Kit was launched at midnight at Old Trafford. So check out all pictures of the new Adidas Manchester United 15-16 Home, Away and Third Kits.

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