Adidas Manchester United Home Kit History

Adidas became Manchester United's kit supplier for the first time in 1980 when they took over from the iconic British brand Admiral. We take a look back at all Adidas Manchester United Home Shirts ahead of the big launch of the new Adidas Manchester United Home Kit on August 1.

Even though Adidas had been Man Utd's kit supplier from 1980 to 1992, the German brand just released six different Manchester United Home Shirts in twelve years. Kit images courtesy

Adidas Manchester United 1980-82 Home Jersey

This is the first-ever Adidas Man Utd Kit.

The first Adidas Manchester United Shirt features a classic design with a contrasting Polo collar. Worn between 1980-1982, the inaugural Adidas Home Kit for the Red Devils featured a sponsorless look. It's definitely the most classic shirt of the Adidas Manchester United Kit Collection.

Manchester United 1982-84 Kit

Man Utd's first-ever kit with a sponsor on the front.

The Adidas Manchester United 1982-1984 Home Kit introduced a modern design for the Premier League club. Most remarkably, the second Adidas Manchester United Home Strip was the first-ever shirt to feature a sponsor logo on the front. Sponsored by Sharp, the Adidas Man Utd 82-84 Shirt comes with a v-collar and incorporates the iconic club colors red, white and black. It's obvious that the new Man Utd 15-16 Home Kit draws inspiration from the shirt worn in the early 1980s.

Manchester United 84-86 Kit

It's definitely not the best Adidas Man Utd Kit.

Two years later, Adidas revealed the all-new Manchester United 1984-86 Home Shirt, which features no Three Stripes and a centered Manchester United crest. It has a striking design on the shoulders area and boasts the Adidas logo on both sleeves - anything but expected.

Manchester United 86-88 Kit

This is the Man Utd 1986-88 Kit.

The Adidas Manchester United 86-88 Home Strip returned to the iconic Three Stripes on the sleeves and the traditional logo positioning. It features subtle diagonal stripes.

Manchester United 88-90 Kit

This is the Man Utd 1988-90 Kit.

Similar to previous shirts, the Red Devils 1988-90 Kit has a v-collar.

Manchester United 90-92 Kit

This is the last Man Utd Kit before Umbro took over in 1992.

In 1990, Adidas released their last Manchester United Kit before Umbro became the new kit supplier. The Adidas Man Utd 90-92 Home Kit features a white collar, and a black line is running from the collar to the side of the shirt.

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