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Bursaspor 15-16 Kits Released

Turkish club Bursaspor have unveiled the new Bursaspor 15-16 Home, Away, Third and Fourth Kits. Made by Puma, the new Bursaspor 2015-16 Shirts include a new blue fourth kit, compared to last year's set.

The new Bursaspor 2015-2016 Jerseys feature no shirt sponsor, while the green and white colors are inspired by the club's home town of Bursa, which is often called Yeşil Bursa ("Green Bursa").

Bursaspor 15-16 Home Kit

This is the new Puma Bursaspor 2015-2016 Home Shirt - "Efsane Çubuklu" (Famous Striped) Kit.

Featuring the same collar style as the new Arsenal Away Kit, the Bursaspor 15-16 Kit is green with three white stripes on the front.

The crew-neck collar and the sleeve cuffs of the new Bursaspor 2015-16 Home Jersey are white, while the club name is written on the top of the mostly solid green back.

Green shorts and socks are used together with the new Bursaspor 15-16 Home Shirt.

Bursaspor 2015-16 Away Kit

This is the new Bursaspor 2015-2016 Away Jersey - "Beyaz Mazi" (White Past) Kit.

Officially labeled "Beyaz Mazi" (White Past), the new Bursaspor 15-16 Away Kit is white with a thick green stripe running down each sleeve. A fine green line goes around the front of the Bursaspor 2015-16 Away Shirt.

The v-collar of the Bursaspor 2015-2016 Away Jersey is green at the front as well, while the new Bursaspor Away Kit is primarily combined with green shorts and white socks.

Bursaspor 15-16 Third Kit

This is the new Puma Bursaspor 2015-16 Third Shirt - "Yeşil Sevda" (Green Love) Kit.

The Bursaspor 15-16 Third Jersey is green with accents in lime green. Utilizing the same collar design as the Bursaspor Away Kit, the new Bursaspor 2015-2016 Third Shirt features a striking lime green inset at the lower back.

White shorts and green socks are set to be used together with the new Bursaspor 2015-16 Third Kit (officially called "Yeşil Sevda" (Green Love).

Bursaspor 15-16 Fourth Kit

This is the new Bursaspor 2015-2016 Fourth Shirt - "Gök Mavi" (Sky Blue) Kit.

For the 2015-16 season, Bursaspor have added a new fourth kit to their set, labeled "Gök Mavi" (Sky Blue).

The Bursaspor 15-16 Fourth Kit is light blue, based on Puma's striking Swerve teamwear jersey. Contrary to the catalog version of the template, the Bursaspor 2015-16 Fourth Shirt has a solid sky blue collar and sky blue insets on the upper sleeves.

Shorts and socks of the same color as the shirt complement the new Bursaspor 2015-2016 Fourth Shirt.

What do you think of the new Bursaspor 2015-16 Kits by Puma? Let us know in the comments below.