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Puma 15-16 Teamwear Kits Revealed

The new Puma 2015-2016 Teamwear Jerseys introduce four new Puma Templates for the upcoming 2015-16 season, which will be used by Puma sponsored teams worldwide.

Usually, the new Puma Kits for teams such as Arsenal, Borussia Dortmund and Newcastle United are based on the new Puma Teamwear Shirts and show a remarkable resemblance using similar applications as the teamwear templates.

With the new Puma Stadium, Puma Swerve, Puma Finale and Puma Pitch 2015-2016 Teamwear Soccer Jerseys, the German brand offers a wide range of new template kits.

Puma Stadium 15-16 Teamwear Shirt

New Puma Stadium 2015-2016 Teamwear Kit.

The new Puma Stadium 2015-2016 Teamwear Jersey is the new premium Puma template, set to be used for various Puma 2015-2016 Football Kits. It is available in four different color combinations: Red / White, Blue / White, Black / White and White / Black.

The Puma Stadium Teamwear Shirt features lighter jacquard hoops on the front with a unique bicolored v-collar.

Puma Swerve 15-16 Teamwear Jersey

This is the striking Puma Swerve Teamwear Shirt.

The new Puma Swerve 2015-2016 Teamwear Kit is the most eye-catching Puma template for the 2015-2016 season, available in four different colors and based on the Puma Stadium Teamwear Shirt.

Puma's striking new Swerve Shirt boasts a spectacular diamond shaped graphic all-over print to stand out on the pitch. It reminds us of the striking 1990s soccer jerseys and already brought a lot of international attention for a Swedish club - What we can expect to face in Summer 2015?

Puma Finale 2015-16 Teamwear Kit

This is the new Puma Finale Teamwear Shirt.

In contract to the Puma Swerve Teamwear Kit, the new Puma Finale 2015-16 Teamwear Jersey comes with a more classical design. The Puma Finale 15-16 Teamwear Jersey has a simple crew neck collar with a Sash design on the front. Puma offers three different colors: Red / White, Blue / White and Green / Black

Puma Pitch 15-16 Teamwear Kit

The new puma Pitch 2015-16 Teamwear Shirt is available in 14 colors.

Did not found your team colors yet? The new Puma Pitch 2015-2016 Teamwear Shirt is available in 14 different color combinations: Puma Red / White, Puma Royal / White, Black / White, White / Black, Power Green / White and so on.

The simplistic Puma Pitch Teamwear Shirt features a simple collar and a contracting stripe on the sleeves - available for just 20 Euro.

Puma Stadium Goalkeeper Kit

This is the new Puma Stadium Goalkeeper Jersey.

Puma's new goalkeeper jersey for the 2015-16 season will be used by all high-profile Puma clubs including Arsenal, Borussia Dortmund, Newcastle United and Girondins Bordeaux. It features a unique graphic print on the front using the colors grey, orange and white.

Puma 15-16 Teamwear Shirts - Carry Over

The Puma 14-15 ACTV Teamwear Shirt, the Puma Momentta Jersey and the Puma Speed Teamwear Shirt are carried over from last season.