Genoa 15-16 Kits Released

The new Genoa CFC 2015-2016 Jerseys introduce bespoke designs for the Italian Serie A club. Made by the Lotto, the new Genoa 2015-16 Jerseys pay homage to the oldest football club in Italy.

Lotto makes the new Genoa 2015-16 Shirts for the fourth in a row. The new Genoa 15-16 Kits were presented in Genoa's pre-season camp in Austria.

Genoa CFC 2015-2016 Home Kit

This is the new Genoa 15-16 Home Shirt.

The new Genoa 15-16 Home Jersey boasts the iconic half-and-half design of Genoa with the iconic colors red and blue. Based on the same template as various Lotto 2015-2016 Football Kits, the new Genoa CFC Kit has a modern cut, a special constructed collar and an embossed texture.

Under Genoa's club crest is the lettering "Primi campioni d'Italia" (which translates to "First Italian champions"), and on the back under the neckline is the founding date 1893.

The shorts and the socks of the new Genoa Kit are blue.

Genoa 15-16 Away Kit

This is the new Genoa 2015-2016 Away Jersey.

The new Genoa 2015-16 Away Kit is a modern take on the traditional Genoa Away Kit. The new Genoa CFC 15-16 Away Shirt is mainly white with the iconic red-and-blue horizontal band design, which features a striking pixel color gradient.

Traditionally, the Genoa crest is placed on the center of the shirt, while the Lotto logo is placed on the left chest.

Genoa CFC 2015-2016 Third Kit

This is the new Genoa Third Shirt.

The new Genoa 2015-2016 Third Kit celebrates Genoa's first Italian title won in 1898. The new Genoa CFC 15-16 Third Shirt features the St. George cross instead of the usual club logo, and was already released on May 8 and debuted on May 11 against Torino.

Genoa 15-16 Goalkeeper Kits

These are the new Genoa 2015-2016 Goalkeeper Jersey.

The new Genoa 2015-2016 Goalkeeper Kits boast unique designs to make a bold statement. The first Genoa Goalkeeper Kits feature a special water-inspired graphic print on the front. The grey / black Genoa CFC Keeper Shirt boasts a spectacular graphic showing the famous Lighthouse of Genoa.

Bespoke designs. What do you think of the new Genoa 2015-2016 Kits? Drop us a line below.