Napoli 15-16 Kits Released

The new Napoli 15-16 Away Kit introduces the understated main color anthracite, officially released on August 31. SSC Napoli's 15-16 Kits feature a clean design for the first Napoli Shirts by new kit supplier Kappa.

Kappa announced an estimated €8m/year deal to produce the new Napoli Kits until at least 2020 earlier this year. The Kappa Napoli 2015-16 Kits continue to feature two sponsors for domestic competitions, Lete and Garofalo, while only Lete will be visible on the Napoli 15-16 Jersey in international matches.

Napoli 15-16 Home Kit

This is the new Kappa Napoli 2015-2016 Home Shirt.

The new Kappa Napoli 2015-16 Home Jersey boasts the club's iconic sky blue shirt with white details. The collar and the sleeve cuffs of the Napoli 15-16 Home Kit are white, just as the Kappa logos on the front and the upper sleeves.

Interestingly, the collar used by Kappa for the Napoli 2015-2016 Shirt resembles a style used for many 2012-13 Kappa football shirts.

White shorts and sky blue socks complete the traditional design of the new Kappa Napoli 15-16 Kit.

Napoli 15-16 Away Shirt

This is the new SSC Napoli 2015-2016 Away Kit.

The new Napoli 2015-16 Away Jersey combines the main color anthracite with Napoli's iconic sky blue applications. Based on the same template as the Napoli 2015-2016 Home and Third Kits, the new Napoli 2015-16 Away Shirt features a remarkable collar.

Dark grey shorts and socks complete the new Napoli 15-16 Away Uniform.

Napoli 2015-2016 Third Kit

This is the new red Napoli 15-16 Third Jersey.

The new Napoli 15-16 Third Shirt is red for the first time since five years. It draws inspiration from the red shirts worn in Napoli's successful Maradona era.

Mirroring the design of the new Napoli 2015-16 Home Kit, the new Napoli 15-16 Third Shirt features a clean design with a unique constructed collar. Red shorts and socks complement the new Napoli Third Kit.

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