No Clowns. Just Footballers. Adidas Juventus 15-16 Kit Launch Video

Our Way or No Way. Adidas have released a stunning video as they launched the first-ever Adidas Juventus Home Kit, part of a new partnership that runs at least until 2021.

Juventus FC Home Kit - No Clowns. Just Footballers.

Juventus players tear through their colorful clown costumes to reveal the black-and-white Adidas Juventus 15-16 Kit.

The Bianconeri's leitmotiv fits this video as it shows how the Juventus style differs from the others by being based on pragmatism which is the underlying foundation of their achievements.

Juventus' leitmotiv says: “Juve’s game is plain and simple. It’s got to be black and white. That’s their way. Their focus. Anything outside of their game is not tolerated. All that hype in football, all that color, even the smallest dot of it, is removed. It’s not important. It doesn’t matter. Only football matters.”

The Adidas 'No Clowns. Just Footballers' video is part of the "Our Way or No Way" global communication campaign, which features Juventus players and is marketed mainly through digital channels.

No nonsense. No bit of color. What do you think of the new 'No Clowns. Just Footballers' Adidas Juventus 15-16 Home Kit Video? Let us know in the comments below.