CD Guijuelo Reveal 'Ham' Away Kit

Spanish regional league teams have the best kits. Following the tradition of the beer, broccoli and tuxedo Football Kits of the last seasons, Segunda División B team CD Guijuelo have unveiled their new 15-16 Kits, with the new Guijuelo 15-16 Away Kit drawing inspiration from famous Jamón (ham) de Guijuelo.

Guijuelo 15-16 Home Kit

This is the new Guijuelo 2015-16 Home Shirt.

More traditionally is the Guijuelo Home Jersey, which is green with tonal pinstripes and a watermark on the left side showing El Torreón, the apse of a gothic church built in Guijuelo in the 15th century.

Guijuelo 15-16 Ham Away Kit

This is the new Jamón de Guijuelo-inspired Guijuelo 15-16 Away Kit.

The Guijuelo 2015-16 Away Jersey is out of anything ordinary, featuring an all-over print of the famous Jamón de Guijuelo ham from the city.

The design is even continued on the shorts of the Guijuelo 15-16 Ham Kit, which is completed with solid red socks, made by Spanish brand Daen Sport.

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