Custom Mi Adidas Ace 15.3 Indoor, Turf and Outdoor Boots

Endless possibilities. The Adidas Ace 15.3 Football Boots are now available to customize with Adidas' customization service miadidas after the German brand already launched the custom Adidas Ace 15.1 Cleats in late June.

The Adidas Ace 15.1 Soccer Boots are available to customize using miadidas since June 24 2015. Adidas offers various different colors and elements to create a bespoke Adidas Ace 15.1. However, the custom Adidas Ace 15.1 Soccer Cleats are only available with two different sole plates, while the Adidas Ace 15.3 Football Boots are available as Indoor, Turf, Firm Ground, Artificial Ground and Soft Ground version.

Custom Adidas Ace 15.3 Soccer Boots

Black, White and Red Adidas Ace 15.3 Boots, inspired by the iconic Predator colors.

Most remarkably, it's possible to select from four different outsole types for the Adidas Ace 15.3 Boots (Firm Ground / Artificial Grass, Soft Ground, Turf Ground, Indoor Floor). It's the first time in the history that custom Adidas Cleats are available in four different sole plate types including indoor boots.

Players can choose from eight different colors for the upper of the custom Adidas Ace Indoor, Turf and Outdoor Boots, and it's also possible to select a contrasting color for the heel area to create a half-and-half design.

To create a bespoke product, it's possible to select from 12 different colors for the Three Stripes, laces and brandings. Players can also add their name and choose from 12 different country flags.

The custom Adidas Ace 15.3 Football Shoes retail at a price of 90 Euro (70 GBP, 120 USD).

Class. What do you think of the custom Adidas Ace 15.3 Boots? Let us know what's your favorite colorway in the comments section below.