Now Laceless? Dani Alves Shows Off Unique Lacing System

Update 22/09/2016: Former Barcelona defender Dani Alves, who now plays for Italian giants Juventus, has returned to his one-of-a-kind Nike Mercurial Vapor 10 boots featuring his bespoke customizations as well as his unique lacing system after he in between switched to Nike's next-gen Nike Mercurial Vapor 11 cleats (featuring the standard lacing system of the boot).

Dani Alves Ditches Nike Mercurial Vapor XI, Returns to Unique, Now Last-Gen Nike Mercurial Vapor Boots

Close-up with Dani Alves' custom boots and lacing system - hew seems to use just the upper slot of the lacing system.

Update 08/02/2016: Dani Alves has yet again changed the lacing system of his boots (He now also uses one of the lower slots). However, as he returned to training after yesterday's match against Levante wearing the brand-new orange Nike Mercurial Vapor X 2016 Boots, it's now almost impossible to say something about his lacing system. So this will be likely the last update on Alves' boots for a while (at least until he will switch to the white / multicolor Nike Mercurial Vapor 10 Boots that will be released in April).
Dani Alves already switched to the orange Nike Mercurial Vapor Boots after yesterday's league match
Close-up pictures of Dani Alves' old and new boots.

Update 31/01/2016: Dani Alves again laced up in his one-of-a-kind boots with the special lacing system in yesterday's match against Atlético. And while his previous boots featured the standard hole-lacing system of the Nike Mercurial Vapor X, his new custom cleats delivered by Nike come without the unneeded slots in the lower part.

Dani Alves' New Boots

Close-up of Dani Alves' new boots.


Dani Alves laced up in the striking Hyper Pink Nike Mercurial Vapor X Boots in Barcelona's LIGA BBVA match against Athletic Bilbao. And while this is already something special for the Brazil international, it was his unique lacing system that caught our attention.

Right back Dani Alves was subbed off in the first half in the league match against Athletic Bilbao with a groin problem and is out for two or three weeks, while he should return for Barcelona's third league match against Atlético Madrid at Vincente Calderón on September 12th.

Dani Alves' one-of-a-kind lacing system uses just three of the 6-hole-lacing of the Hyper Pink Nike Mercurial Vapor 10 Soccer Boots, which feature a tongue-less design. It's anything but a classic lacing system, and something we never have seen before.

It was also the first time that Dani Alves wore the Hyper Pink Nike Mercurial Vapor Lightning Storm Pack Soccer Cleats, which is a clear indication that the Brazil right-back rejoined Nike after he had worn various unique boots in the past months.

Until mid-August 2015, Dani Alves used a traditional lacing system, while he switched to his unique lacing system for the first time against Athletic Bilbao.

Anything but classic. What do you think of Dani Alves' unique lacing system? Let us know in the comments below, and watch out for the Dani Alves Cleats in Barcelona's league match against Atlético on September 12.