Manchester City Sport Old Shorts in Everton Win

Manchester City had to use last season's sky blue shorts in the Premier League match at Everton, avoiding a clash with the hosts' blue-white-white uniform.

Following the release of the classical Manchester City 15-16 home kit, fans applauded the return to white shorts, although it now looks as if they're going to see the unloved all-blue look again this season. No doubt this will be a minor issue for the club and supporters, as Manchester City present a sharp form early in the season.

Manchester City Wear All-blue Makeshift Kit at Everton

Aleksandar Kolarov celebrates his opening goal at Everton, wearing a kit than combined this season's shirt and socks with last season's shorts.

Luckily for City, the actual sky blue main color hasn't changed from last year, which made the navy side stripes the only thing that gave away the shorts from last season.

Whether today's makeshift kit was due to Nike not producing alternative sky blue shorts for the club or due to planning errors remains to be seen.

After the Premier League's relatively relaxed stance about clashing short or sock colors, the referees appear to demand better differentiable kits this season. This was also evident in Chelsea's away match against West Bromwich, which saw the title holders debut their new third kit with alternate black socks.

Did you like the look of Manchester City's all-blue kit against Everton? Should referees be strict about clashing short and sock colors? Let us know in the comments below.