MLS Teams Honor Fans with Custom Jersey Numbers in August

All 20 MLS clubs will don special shirt numbers with their fan's faces printed on them to honor their most faithful supporters during the month of August.

Custom MLS August 2015 Shirt Numbers

The custom 'fan face' MLS font is seen on the back of the jerseys of New York City players Grabavoy, Pirlo and Jacobson.

Based on the regular uniform MLS typeface, the special 'fan face' MLS font includes the pictures of select club fans on the inside of the numbers. Teams will sport the special jersey numbers in all league matches this month.

The program, which was announced last fall, allowed select season ticket holders of each MLS team to select the number and specific position they wanted their face to feature in, making it possible to appear on the back of their heroes' shirts.

To add to all of this, the stunning font is even available for customized jerseys at the official stadium stores of the different MLS teams.

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