Video: Ronaldinho Crossbar Remastered

Ronaldinho broke the internet with the first YouTube film to reach 1 million views in 2005. Today, exactly 10 years later, Nike celebrates Ronaldinho's unrivaled touch and control with the stunning limited edition Nike Tiempo Legend Ronaldinho Boots.

Nike Football Presents: Ronaldinho Crossbar Remastered

This is the famous Ronaldinho video showing Ronaldinho's crossbar challenge.

Ronaldinho's crossbar challenge became the first video to reach one million views on YouTube. The video is still one of the most iconic viral ads ever, and Nike released a remastered version to celebrate its 10th anniversary.

It's certainly no exaggeration to state that people still love the famous Ronaldinho Crossbar Challenge video as one the very first day, while it's still debated if the video is a fake. Here are some quotes:

"Who else tried go and do this the park with there friends as a Kid after watching the video?"
"I loved those Joga Bonito videos"
"The best fake mount more well done I've ever seen!"

Real or fake? Let us know in the comments below, and also check out the new Nike Tiempo Legend 2015 Ronaldinho Boots.