Adidas 2016-17 Teamwear Kits Released

The new Adidas 2016-2017 Teamwear Kits offer players three new teamwear kits for the new year as well as a new goalkeeper jersey. The Adidas 16-17 Teamwear Jerseys are already available to purchase.

Although the new 3 Stripes positioning is here to stay and set to be used by all the major club teams in the 2016-17 season, only of three new Adidas teamwear shirts boasts the new look. Both the Adidas Konn 16 Jersey and the Regista 16 Jersey feature the traditional placements for the 3 Stripes.

Adidas Condivo 16 Jersey *new*

The Adidas Condivo 16 Jersey is Adidas' new premium model, supplying the base for the Euro 2016 kits as well as for the 2016-17 club jerseys.

Available in the five color variants, Black, Bold Blue, Dark Blue, Power Red, White, the Adidas Condivo 16 kit will retail at 55 Euro and boast Adidas Adizero technology.

Adidas Campeon 15 Jersey

Introduced last year, the Adidas Campeon 15 Jersey is carried over into the new season, available in the following five color combinations: Red / White, Navy / Blue / White, Light Grey / White, Navy / White, Black / Dark Grey.

Adidas Regista 16 Jersey *new*

The second new teamwear shirt for the 2016 cycle is the Adidas Regista 16 Jersey. Available in five colors, the Adidas Regista 16 shirt boasts a modern diagonal stripe detail in the lower half, while the 3 Stripes are visible in their traditional space on the shoulders.

Adidas Striped 15 Jersey

Another teamwear kit to be carried over is the Adidas Striped 15 Jersey. Introduced last year, the Adidas Striped 15 shirt was used as base for the 15-16 Argentina, Juventus and Milan kits amongst others.

The Adidas Striped 15 Shirt features six vertical stripes on the front, while the back is plain-colored. It is available in the following colors: Black / White, Red / White, Blue / White, Light Blue / White, Blue / Black, Burgundy / Navy / Yellow, Yellow / Blue, Yellow / Black, Red / Black.

Adidas Squadra 13 Jersey

The simplistic Adidas Squadra 13 Jersey is also in for another season, available in a ton of color variants.

Adidas Konn 16 Jersey *new*

The third and last new Adidas teamwear kit is the Adidas Konn 16 Jersey. Available in just four colors (Black, Collegiate Navy, Vivid Red and White), the Adidas Konn 16 kit boasts a front hoop that is continued onto the sleeves, while the back is solid-colored.

Adidas Tabela 14 Jersey

The classy Adidas Tabela 14 Jersey enters the third year of its life cycle, boasting a clean look with a clever tonal diagonal stripes pattern on the front as well as contrasting colors for sleeve cuffs and collar.

Adidas Estro 15 Jersey

The Estro 15 Jersey will be available again in the 2016-17 season, convincing with simplicity and style.

Adidas Onore 16 Goalkeeper Jersey *new*

The Adidas Onore 16 Jersey is Adidas' premium goalkeeper template, replacing this season's Adidas Top 15 Goalkeeper Jersey and following on 2014's Onore 14 Jersey. Available in Black, Blue, Solar Slime, Solar Yellow, Vivid Red and White, the Adidas Onore 16 Goalkeeper Kit will be used by all major clubs and national teams, including the likes of Germany.

Adidas Entry 15 Goalkeeper Jersey

Carried over from last year, the Adidas Entry 15 Goalkeeper Jersey is the more affordable alternative to the premium Adidas Onore 16 Kit. It is available in the four color variants visible above.

Which new Adidas 16-17 teamwear jerseys do you like the most? Let us know in the comments below, and check out the 2015-16 Adidas Teamwear post for more color versions of the carried over jerseys.