Adidas 2015-16 Teamwear Kit Templates

The new Adidas 15-16 Teamwear Kits introduce four totally new Adidas templates and two new Adidas 15-16 Goalkeeper Jerseys. Adidas will use the teamwear kits as a basis for their new 2015-16 Kits including teams such as Real Madrid, Bayern Munich and Manchester United.

With the new Adidas 2015-16 Teamwear Kits, Adidas offers a total of 74 different color combinations and styles.

Adidas Campeon 15 Jersey *new*

The Adidas Campeon 15 2015-16 Teamwear Kit features Adidas revolutionary Adizero Kit technology, introduced for the 2014 World Cup in Brazil. The Adidas Campeon 15 Kit weighs in at 100g, and is available in five color combinations (Red / White, Navy / Blue / White, Light Grey / White, Navy / White, Black / Dark Grey).

The new Adidas Campeon 15 Teamwear Shirt forms the basis for several new Adidas 2015-2016 Kits, including the AC Milan 15-16 Third Kit, FC Basel's 2015-16 Home Shirt as well as the FC Copenhagen 2015-2016 Home Kit. The Adidas Campeon 15 Teamwear Jersey is available for 55 Euro.

Adidas Condivo 14 Jersey

The Adidas Condivo 14 is carried over from last season. Like the Adidas Campeon 15 template, the Adidas Condivo 14 Shirt has been used for various club kits, and features Adidas' Adizero kit technology.

The Adidas Condivo 14 Teamwear Shirt retails at 55 Euro and is available in four different colors.

Adidas Tiro 15 Jersey *new*

Adidas offers six different color combinations for the Adidas Tiro 15 2015-16 Teamwear Shirt (Red / White, White / Blue, Blue / White, Black / White, Dark Blue / White, White / Black). The Adidas Tiro 15 Shirt has a simple v-collar and contrasting sleeve cuffs.

The new Adidas Tiro 15 Kit retails at 35 Euro and uses Adidas' Climacool technology.

Adidas Striped 15 Jersey *new*

For the 2015-16 season, Adidas introduces a brand new striped kit. The Adidas Striped 15 Shirt is available in eight different colors combinations (Black / White, Red / White, Blue / White, Light Blue / White, Blue / Black, Burgundy / Navy / Yellow, Yellow / Blue, Yellow / Black, Red / Black).

The Adidas Striped 15 Shirt features six vertical stripes on the front, while the back is plain-colored.

Adidas Toque 13 Jersey

The Adidas Toque 13 Jersey is carried over from last season. It retails at 30 Euro.

Adidas Squadra 13 Jersey

Like the Adidas Toque Shirt, the Adidas Squadra 13 Kit is carried over from last season.

The Adidas Squadra 13 15-16 Shirt is available in eleven different color combinations.

Adidas Tabela 14 Jersey

The Adidas Tabela 14 Kit is carried over from last season. To offer an even greater choice of colors and styles, Adidas introduces two new color combinations (Yellow / White, Dark Blue / White).

The Adidas Tabela 14 2015-2016 Teamwear Template is available for 23 Euro.

Adidas Estro 15 Jersey *new*

Did not found your team colors yet? The new Adidas Estro 15 2015-2016 template is available in 15 different colors combinations including a striking pink and a fluorescent yellow shirt.

The Adidas Estro 15 Teamwear Kit features a simplistic Adidas design with Three Stripes running down the sleeves of the shirt. The new Adidas Estro 15 Teamwear Shirt retails at 20 Euro.

Adidas Volzo 15 Jersey*new*

Exclusively sold in a few countries including the UK, Italy and Poland, the new Adidas Volozo 15 Kit Template comes with a colored center block, a classical collar and contrasting Adidas stripes on the shoulders.

The Adidas Volzo 15 Shirt is available in the following four colors: Solar Red, Black, Collegiate Navy and White.

Adidas 2015-16 Goalkeeper Kits

Adidas Top 15 Goalkeeper Jersey *new*

The new Adidas Top 15 2015-2016 Goalkeeper Kit features Adidas' cutting-edge Adizero technology, which makes the new Adidas Top 15 Goalkeeper Shirt the lightest ever Adidas Goalkeeper Kit. The Adidas Adizero kit technology was introduced for the 2014 World Cup in Brazil and is used for Adidas' players issue kits.

The Adidas Top 15 2015-16 Goalkeeper Shirt is available in six different color combinations. Bold Blue/ Amazon Purple, Yellow / Branch, Bright Red / Bold Blue, Green / White, White / Red and Dark Grey / Bold Pink. The Adidas Top 15 Goalkeeper Shirt retails at 70 Euro.

It's expected that the new Adidas 15-16 Goalkeeper Kits for teams such as Bayern Munich, Real Madrid and Manchester United will be based on the Adidas Top 15 Goalkeeper Shirt.

Adidas Entry 15 Goalkeeper Jersey *new*

The Adidas Entry 15 Goalkeeper Shirt is Adidas' low-priced goalkeeper shirt. It is available in four different color combinations (Pink, Yellow, Light Blue, Light Grey) and is available at a retail price of 35 Euro.

The Adidas Entry 15 Goalkeeper Shirt features no Three Stripes on the sleeves.

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