Adidas Introduces Glorious Print For Mi Adidas X 15 Boots

This is Fire. Adidas today added a Glorious Print option to the custom Adidas X 2015-2016 Football Boots to offer players even more choices for the Adidas X Cleats.

The Adidas X 15.1 Soccer Boots have been available to customize using Adidas' customization tool miadidas since late June 2015 and were well received by players who already created various outstanding custom Adidas X Boots. However, James Rodriguez has been the only high-profile player to lace up in custom Adidas Cleats created using miadidas.

Adidas Adds Glorious Print For Custom Adidas X Cleats

Adidas X 15.1 x Glorious Print.

The Adidas X 2015-2016 Glorious Print Option allows players to choose from 13 different colors for the unique graphic pattern, which is printed on the trademark X-cage of the Adidas X Cleats.

Previously, it was already possible to add the Splatter Print of the Adidas X Soccer Boots, while the Glorious Print Option now even adds more possibilities to customize the Adidas Chaos Boot.

Unfortunately, Adidas didn't add any new options for the custom Adidas Ace 15.1 Cleats, even though it was possible to add the Glorious Print option to the Adidas Ace Boots right from the beginning.

Outstanding design. What's your favorite Adidas X Glorious Print Boot. Let us know in the comments below.