Italy Missoni Concept Kits by Angelo Trofa

This is class. UK-based illustrator and graphic designer Angelo has created stunning Italy Home and Away Concept Jerseys, inspired by distinctive zig-zag pattern of Missoni, who are are one of Italy's most iconic fashion houses.

To keep with the classic and elegant look of Italy's most iconic kits, the Italy Missoni Concept Kits combine different shades of blue which have been used by the Italian national football team since the 1930s, from the pale blue of the 1930s to the deep blue of 1990 - bots kits are anything but just taken from one of Missoni's bold designs.

Italy Missoni Concept Kits

Here are the stunning Italy Concept Shirts by Angelo Trofa.

Italy Missoni Home Kit Concept

Italy Missoni Away Kit Concept

Awesome kits. What do you think of the Italy Missoni Concept Shirts by Angelo Trofa? Let us know in the comments below, and also check out his brand-new Football Strip Concepts Vol 4 featuring more concept shirts.