JEF United Unveil Akita Inu-Themed Kits for Stadium's 10th Anniversary

Designed by Japanese fashion store and label ZOZOTOWN, which also sponsors the match in which they are to be used, the kits set to be worn by JEF United for their stadium's 10th anniversary are anything but ordinary.

JEF United 'Fukuda Denshi Arena 10th Anniversary' Special Kits

This is the JEF United's player jersey for the Legend Match to celebrate the 10th anniversary of the club's home stadium.

Featuring illustrations of club mascot Jeffy, a Akita dog, JEF United's Fukuda Denshi Arena 10th Anniversary Kit is mainly yellow, with a modern crew-neck collar. The 2nd team will wear a variation of the same design, boasting the same pictures on white ground.

Green shorts with a chevron design in red and yellow complement the striking look of the JEF United Stadium Anniversary Shirt.

For the goalkeeper jersey, ZOZOTOWN have opted for a realistic illustration of a Akita Inu, sending out strong 90s vibes along the way. The alternative goalkeeper kit is a desaturated version of the same design.

Fukuda Denshi Arena was opened in 2005 and holds just about 20,000 spectators. JEF United Ichihara Chiba, currently participating in the 2nd division of Japanese football, will play against Ehime FC on October 4 and hold a one-off 'JEF United Ichihara Chiba Legend Match', during which these stunning sets of kits will be used, on the same day.

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