Leaked: Nike 15-16 Champions League Kits Are The Basis of Euro 2016 Kits

No more cotton-like materials. No more Polo collars. The new Nike Euro 2016 Kits will feature modern designs to demonstrate that Nike produces cutting-edge products for ultimate performance.

While previous Nike Kits featured different kinds of collars, or boasted a vintage-looking material to pay homage to a classic shirt, the new Nike Euro 2016 Jerseys will be anything but old-fashioned.

Nike Euro 2016 Jerseys To Demonstrate That Nike Produces the Best Performance Products

Close-up picture of the Nike PSG 15-16 Third Kit.

When Nike launched the new Nike Paris Saint-Germain 2015-16 Dark Light Kit, it wasn't the understated black and grey design that really mattered. It was the totally new construction of the shirt that was the most important part of the shirt.

The new Nike Barcelona, Galatasaray, Inter, Manchester City, PSG and Roma 2015-16 Night Rising Jerseys feature modern design after last season's Nike Third Kits boasted classic Polo collars. It's Nike's aim to showcase that they produce the most innovative kits for ultimate performance in all conditions.

Most remarkably, the Nike 2015-16 Champions League Shirts comes with a brand-new mesh panel on the front, which is designed to keep heat away from the body. Additionally, the new Nike template has almost endless small holes in the material for ultimate temperature regulation.

Similar to previous Nike Authentic Shirts, the new Nike Euro 2016 Kits will feature the remarkable laser cut holes on the shoulder area and on the back under the neckline. But those oversized holes are rather designed to stand out than to offer a significant influence on the performance of the shirt.

Like previous shirts, the new Nike Euro 2016 Kits will be made from at least 18 recycled plastic bottles. In total, 96 % of the kit are made from recycled materials to reduce the impact on the environment to a minimum. The US-giant has diverted more than two billion plastic bottles from landfills into recycled polyester to demonstrate that the Swoosh combines innovations with sustainability.

But most importantly, the Nike 15-16 Champions League and Euro 2016 Kits introduce a totally new cut for football kits. Made for ultimate performance with no distractions, the new cut of the jerseys is even better matched to the body of the athletes compared to previous shirts, developed using the latest body scan technologies.

So what does that mean for the Nike Euro 2016 Kits? While previous Nike Shirts featured a large variety of different collars and material-effects, the new Nike Euro 2016 Jerseys will boast modern designs with simplistic collars to maximize comfort and great fit. It's extremely unlikely that there will be any home shirt with a classic Polo collar.

The France 2014 World Cup Home Kit serves as a perfect example. Featuring a "classic, hand-crafted kind of style", the France World Cup Shirts introduced a classic Polo collar and a denim-looking material. It is inspired by the story of Nîmes, the birthplace of modern denim. In contrast, the Nike France Euro 2016 Home Kit will by anything but inspired by the past. France's new Euro 2016 Kit returns to a modern shade of blue and a modern collar.

But now we have to wait for the first leaked pictures of the new Nike Euro 2016 Kits for a final confirmation. It's more than likely that France as the host of the Euro 2016 will receive their new kit as first Nike national team in November 2015. In the meantime, check out all leaked Nike Euro 2016 Kit colors and info in our Euro 2016 Kits Overview.

There will be less variation than before. What do you think of Nike's Euro 2016 Kits Strategy? Let us know in the comments below.