Out of Stock | Ipswich Town Forced To Release All-New Adidas Kit

This is an actual kit fail. English Championship club Ipswich Town was forced to release a brand-new version of the orange Ipswich Town 14-15 Away Kit, which was intended to be used as third kit this season.

In May 2015, Adidas and Ipswich Town released the new Ipswich Town 2015-16 Home and Away Kits.

And while the Ipswich Town 15-16 Home Shirt features the iconic blue and white combination of the club, the Ipswich Town 15-16 Away Kit is inspired by the famous Barcelona Shirt featuring dark blue and dark red vertical stripes - the colors are quite similar to the home shirt, which makes the kit a bit pointless. It hasn't been used this season yet.

Ipswich Town 2015-2016 Third Kit

This is the new Adidas Ipswich Town 15-16 Third Shirt.

Based on the Adidas Toque 13 Teamwear Jersey, the new Ipswich Town 2015-16 Third Shirt combines the striking color orange with a remarkable design on the front. It has a black and silver sponsor logo on the front and is combined with last season's shorts and socks.

However, Ipswich Town already released an orange kit last season. Based on the Adidas Condivo 14 template, the Adidas Ipswich Town 2014-15 Away Kit was registered as third kit for the 2015-16 English Championship season. So what went wrong? Here is the club statement.

A lack of remaining 2014/15 orange shirts in pro stock (not enough to start a season with) combined with strong sales from last season means there is no available stock within the retail department. Adidas have ceased manufacturing last season’s shirt, so have instead supplied the Club with an alternative orange top to fall in line with the third kit colour Town registered with the Football League prior to the season starting.

But the story even continues. Ipswich's fans who like the new orange Ipswich Town 2015-16 Third Strip are not able to buy the shirt which is "supplied for the first-team only" as there is a clause in Ipswich's contract with Adidas that prevents this.

Ipswich Town debuted the new orange kit in Friday's Championship match against Reading. And it was quite a bad debut as they lost 5-1 with Orlando Sa's hat-trick that gave Reading an emphatic first home win of the season.