Premier League, La Liga, Bundesliga, Serie A and 5 More Leagues - Which Brands Dominate Which League?

Which brand wins he kit battle in Europe's and Latin America's biggest leagues? The most logical sponsorship in football is obviously the connection between a sports brand and a football club, while other partnerships such as an Official Timekeeping Partner, Official Logistics Partner or an Official Wine Partner will always appear kinda strange.

Paladar Negro's stunning infographics reveal that various of the biggest leagues in Europe and Latin America are not dominated by the giants Adidas and Nike, but feature various small sport supplier who kit out at least one club. For example, US-giant Nike makes the kits for one Premier League club only, while the small Italian sports manufacturer Macron produces the kits for two Premier League clubs.

Which Brand Dominates Which League? - Europe

The Kit Battle is either won by Adidas or Nike in every European League.


La Liga

Ligue 1

Premier League

Serie A

Which Brand Dominates Which League? - Latin America

Latin America's kit supplier market is neither dominated by Adidas and Nike - with the exception of the Brazilian Serie A.





A large diversity of different kit manufacturers. What's the most interesting / boring league in terms of kit suppliers? Let us know in the comments section below.